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Circumnavigating South America

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    Looks like its going to be a fabulous trip enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Great photos for us to see. Looks a smashing restaurant (Cafe) Richard


      Originally posted by Solent Richard, Lee on the Solent View Post
      Every now and then a cruise line takes the route around South America as part of their World Cruise
      itineraries. I know many members have enjoyed a full circumnavigation of South America, myself included. Cornish Girl and Paul Inkpen are others that spring to mind in recent years.

      However, I would like to dedicate this thread to MaggieMou who on Saturday sets off on Arcadia's 99 night World Cruise.

      So off we go Maggie, here is a small foretaste of what's to come. I don't have pictures of all the places on your itinerary, Paul and I were on Queen Mary 2 which skipped many of the smaller ports and the politically sensitive Argentinian ones.

      Have a great time and bon voyage...

      First highlight has to be Rio de Janeiro where great attractions include Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf
      Mountain and Ipanema beach...

      If your ship stays in port overnight or into late evening do get out and experience the music, colour
      and nightlife.

      Montevideo is another super place to visit. History, excellent steaks and, of course, the tango....

      We did not stop at Buenos Aires so that is a place we shall need to visit in the not too distant future.

      No circumnavigation of South America would be complete without a slow cruise or even a short stop off Cape

      and a passage along the Beagle Channel with it's numerous glaciers...

      This one was Glacier Francia.

      Our next stop was the port of Valparaiso from where we took a ship's excursion to the Chilean capital,

      ...taking in the famous Presidential Palace...

      before proceeding further up the South American coast to Peru and a visit to the
      Peruvian capital, Lima, with its Cathedral...

      ...and yet another Presidential Palace...

      Richard & MM,

      I’m still playing catch up and came across this post, missed at the time, probably due to work and preparing to travel to Southampton to join Queen Victoria (where we got to meet your good self & Mrs SR)
      Impressive photo’s as usual Richard, Martin especially likes the one of you with the tango dancer! Now reading the rest of the thread...sure to be entertaining!
      Lancashire Cunarder


        Originally posted by Mrs M View Post

        You IRON with that thing in your right hand.
        You know...PRESS things...get rid of creases.

        Just thought I'd let you know what it's for.
        I geuss the bottle needs no instruction!

        Have a FAB trip and don't forget us on the forum.
        Blog and photos please.

        Mrs M
        Wow, wow. wow, what a way to do it MM and well deserved sustenance!
        Lancashire Cunarder


          Originally posted by Solent Richard, Lee on the Solent View Post
          Well as promised my wife and I met up with MaggieMou and her husband John earlier today for a farewell lunch before they set off on their 99 day World Cruise on P&O's Arcadia tomorrow. Knowing the problems with food and rations on such a long voyage we chose as our venue Southampton's Grand Cafe...

          Presentations were quickly dispensed with and we were most grateful to Maggie and John for the delightful box of Cyprus Delight...

          And so it was down to lunch. The ladies choosing the healthy option of Seared Tuna Salad...

          ...while I opted for the moules...

          For Entree the ladies again chose a healthy option, the Hot Stone Beef Medallions...

          ...while us chaps, it being Friday, opted for the Fish and Chips...

          We toasted Bon Appetite...

          ...and had an absolutely great meal and time.

          So all that is left is to wish Maggie and John Bon Voyage and to wish you a fabulous cruise on Arcadia. I just know that your table on board Arcadia will be a fun, lively and ever vibrant one.

          One little extra point. Many of us on this forum love to hear and see Maggie's amazing clothes and shoes when she is cruising but we never quite hear too much about John. Well let me tell you John has one or two truly amazing additions to his wardrobe. He has had made two ties which feature the national flags of all the countries Arcadia is scheduled to visit. Absolutely fabulous John, a great pleasue meeting you both...

          Hopefully we will wave to each other on the Solent tomorrow evening. Have a good one.

          Richard and Barbara
          Mrs & Mrs SR & MM,

          Excellent photos and certainly fabulous food and company just love John's quirky ties.
          Your fellow Arcadia passengers are really in for a treat.
          Lancashire Cunarder


            Originally posted by cruisegas, cruisegas View Post
            Mrs & Mrs SR & MM,

            Excellent photos and certainly fabulous food and company just love John's quirky ties.
            Your fellow Arcadia passengers are really in for a treat.
            Somehow I think one couple didn't see it that way cruisegas.

            A little bit of envy and jealousy I understand.

            But yes, I found MaggieMou and her husband great fun and would have been more than willing to share a table with them on a world cruise. As of course Mrs SR and myself found your company excellent on the recent Queen Victoria cruise.


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