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Visiting Petra

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    When we went to Petra some 20+ years ago we were on an organised tour from Amman. Included in the tour was a pony ride down to the entrance to the gorge and one on the way back. Definitely needed on the way back.

    On the way back the man looking after the pony started mentioning how poor they were etc., etc. and how welcome a small tip would be. We asked what sort of figure he had in mind thinking that perhaps a couple of dollars would be fair for the 15 or so minutes he spent with us.

    He must have thought we were American because said he thought $100 was about the sort of figure. At this we nearly fell off our ponies. We told him that was totally out of order, etc., etc. He got huffy and told us Arabs have their pride and that he wouldn't take anything.

    There were about 6 or 7 in our party and we all agreed to give him nothing!

    He must have had a word with our mini-bus driver as the driver mentioned this on the way back, the same about Arabs having their pride etc., and not expecting tips.

    He got nothing either!

    The next day we had the same driver for another trip. He apologised profusely for his comments the previous day and said he would accept a small tip, for his wife and children you know. We all did agree to tip him a modest amount and gave him a few $'s each at the end of that trip.

    No doubt he earned more in tips alone than the average wage in the country at that time.


      Some great photographs there that have put is in the mood for our ship excursion to Petra in March! Couple of questions if I may?

      Is it possible to get horse and cart back up the "hill"? I have arthritis in hip and would have no problem going down. How long is the walk/climb?

      Is it best to have some local currency for the visit or are dollars/euros acceptable.



        Visited Petra in 1999 . wonderful pictures brought al the memories back , can only remember there being horses there definitely no carts , need stamina in that place ,


          Wonderful pictures. Hope we get there one day before I get too creaky to do the walking bit.

          Take care, Helen


            Originally posted by ilovesunshine, east yorks View Post
            We have just returned for our cruise on Aurora which called at Aqaba, the port for Petra. Around 900 passenger did a tour from the ship. We didnt fancy the sharing the experience with so many people so we didn't go. One lady went in a taxi on her own. She had not prebooked, just negotiated a fare when she arrived. Considering the coaches were accompanied by armed guards I think she was rather foolish, but she did get back to the ship ok. Passengers we spoke to about the trip had mixed views but most seemed to have enjoyed it. Some sustained various injuries due to falls on the uneven ground and all said it was an arduous day. Varying reports about the lunch. It seems some of the coaches stopped at better restaurants than others so if you are on a tour there is no guarantee where you will stop.
            We were 2 of those 900, spectacular, but arduous day, worth the 2 hour each way coach journey. Toilet stops were scattered over 3 locations along the route with coaches having there own assigned tourist spot stop. Interestingly we were told we'd be going in convoy, but all the coaches were well spread out along the route and all left at different times, the only escorts that I personally saw. were on the return as we were one of the last coaches to leave Petra and the unmarked car wasn't obvious and if the tour guide hadn't had said we had a escort on the route back, then you wouldn't have known. As for the restaurant, it was in Petra at the 5* Movenpick hotel, fantastic food and very well organised 3 course buffet.


              Amazing photos Wansbrough.


                lovely photos, they capture the feel of the place


                  Hi, we were there last Feb it was brilliant we took tour with Royal Caribbean, it is a long way from the ship, and if delayed back ship won't wait. On our way back mega accident on motorway closing both sides of road we were 1 hour late back but ship had to wait as we were in their hands. Anyway well worth the visit, very steep slopes good footwear is a must, there were loads of people but expected that. Take plenty water as very hot. Really enjoyed it. We had a lovely lunch at the Novotel which coach took us too after Petra. Comfort stop both ways. Have great time.


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