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How did you get on?

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    How did you get on?

    We were in the early stages of thinking about a cruise to the very north of Norway with the hope to see the Northern Lights. Either in March or December.

    Having watched Jane MacDonald's Hurtigruten cruise on catch-up tv I am now not sure it is for us. We have been as far north as Ny-Alesund on Spitsbergen Island on Queen Elizabeth but that was in the summer and the sun came out when we were there.

    2012 - Cruise, Norway f) Ny-Alesund-011Mod.jpg

    Is it always cold, grey and dark for much of the day or does the sun come out occasionally? Does the ship, probably P&O Aurora, keep warm inside? Are the decks covered in ice? Do you need special cold weather clothing or will stout shoes, a good overcoat and several "layers" do? Was it depressing much of the time, particularly if you didn't see the lights?

    Did you/would you go again?

    May thanks in advance for any information/advice.

    We would have loved to do a Northern Lights cruise. We have been to Svalbard several times, but only in summer. Alan worked in Svalbard and his colleagues said he should go in winter when it is dark. The sun peeps over the horizon, so you get twilight, but not much more. You would get more daylight in March. The inhabitants tell us that, because of the snow reflecting what light there is it is never truly dark. Good luck with your trip.


      Hi John

      I can try and help based on our experiences in March 2019, any questions feel free to ask.

      We flew into Bergen and it was dry and sunny and quite pleasant, the first 2/3 the day time weather was cold but sunny, it started to as we left Tromso on the way back down the coast, the decks did ice up at that point.

      We got 3 good sightings, first at sea sailing from Narvik to Alta, another on the land tour in Alta (done via a small group, not a ships tour) and again on leaving Alta.

      Day time not too cold

      We had lined boots (Cotton Traders) decent socks, thermals and a top coat along with hat and gloves for night time, during the day less.

      Lots of other things to see and do including the Cathedral in Alta, (the one in Tromso you can walk around) Tirpitz museum and History and the Polar Park, we did not go but everyone said it was excellent, Rib Boats in Tromso. DSCF3179.JPGDSCF3153.JPGDSCF3121.JPG

      We had a great trip



        Hi John- We did a Northern Lights cruise in March last year. We sailed from Newcastle and called at Børdo. Tromsø and Narvik. The snow was thick wherever we went and it was very cold. We did a trip when we were in Narvik which took us a cross the border to Sweden by train. Unfortunately, the path from the station to the hotel, where coffee was served, had not been gritted. I had bought ice grips from the ship for my boots but OH didn't. He slipped on the ice and broke his wrist.

        The deck on the ship was kept relatively ice free but the Northern Lights that we eventually saw were a tad disappointing as we didn't see them in the full colours.

        Having done a couple of Arctic cruises, we probably wouldn't do another.



          You could do it this way, very spectacular and if you continue watching also a spectacular. waterfall. They live in the van although have a home in Spain.

          Photo Albums





            In the same way, why go on safari when you can go to the local zoo, or just google pictures and stay at home


              Originally posted by Haworth, Wokingham View Post
              In the same way, why go on safari when you can go to the local zoo, or just google pictures and stay at home
              On this I can comment - it is NOT the same experience.

              I was lucky enough on my 1st safari, to see ALL big 5. On my very 1st game drive I saw a leopard up a tree. That is very rare apparently.

              I confess Cheetahs and Leopards captured my heart and I avoid domestic cats - as they say go figure!

              I also captured on video a cheetah taking down an impala.



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