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A circumnavigation of Britain

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    Originally posted by Taffy, Wales View Post
    Nice review informative and not to long.

    I have been look at the Round the UK cruise ,Nearly booked the Princess one that JC posted pictures of.

    You made it seem like a must do ,but in the warmer weather...Taffy
    Thanks Taffy. Not sure there is an ideal time to cruise the UK. Best to just go prepared with layers and waterproofs and a wet weather plan! We only had one day of good weather but it didn't spoil our holiday.
    Cruising my way through life!



      We did early June last year and struck it lucky, a little cool further north.

      This year we head off today, leaving later than planned as it's chucking it down, boarding Thurs, just hope things clear a bit for the weekend and the week ahead.
      Going by car you can have an another bag with the extra coats, fleece, shoes so if you do get wet you have enough to alternate.

      We have done the Med in Oct 7nights rained EVERY day never got off the ship.
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        Hi all.
        Did 2x 7 night cruises around Britain last year on Thomson....May and August.
        The first one it rained 6 days of the seven,,,,,second one was a bit better,,,but still overcast and cool.

        Done it now,,,,,never again!!!

        Just to change the topic slightly.
        One of the ports on the first one was Douglas, IoM.....My wife lived there before we where married,,her sister and brothert still live there.We must go across 4 or 5 times a year to visit.In 35 years thats a lot of visits...
        We got off the ship,only to have a cup of coffee in Costa in the Terminal with my SiL,then back on the ship.

        Has anyone done a Round Britain cruise that stopped in their home town?
        Two friends from another forum got off in Greenock and took their dirty washing home,had a cup of tea,then came back to the ship,,,,they lived in Greenock.
        C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
        "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


          Originally posted by History Addict, Alfreton View Post
          Thanks Taffy. Not sure there is an ideal time to cruise the UK. Best to just go prepared with layers and waterproofs and a wet weather plan! We only had one day of good weather but it didn't spoil our holiday.
          Hi HA .
          Mrs T not keen on cold weather so may look at Sept time ,all depend on some health issues in the family at the moment everything on hold..Taffy


            we did round GB in the marco polo a few years back

            set off from tilbury London passing the shipwreck sticking out of the thames with tons of WW11 explosives still on board apparently.

            1st stop invergordon in scotland, nothing there, since found out most people hire a car.
            2nd stop was meant be lewis but diverted to ullapool due to very heavy storms. ullapool was very nice, seals etc follow the tender into the harbour. liked it a lot.
            3rd tobermoray nice small harbour, heavy rain all day, plenty of whiskey places for drinkers to visit.
            4th dublin an excellent city would visit again.
            5th st mary, scilly isles, again a good stop did an island tour on an open back vintage car.
            6th hornflower france an old historic port again enjoyed it very much several shops giving out free apple based spirit drinks, lot of character to the place.
            7th guernsey was cancelled on the 1st day of departure and replaced with jersey no reason given. It was a sunday nothing open very disappointed, also the tenders were continually cut up by rich yobs in speed boats causing large waves spoilt the day, no coast guard around to sort them out had it both into port and out again, staff said they could do nothing about it.

            was a good cruise enjoyed most ports, not too keen on CMV if we did a round GB again would choose another cruise line.


              There's some beautiful places in Britain, and if we could just rely on the sun a bit more, I probably wouldn't even bother going abroad. Well, as much any way .................................................. ...............................................Car ol


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