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Le Havre, Bruges and Oslo options

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    Lol..you obviously haven't tried it on a phone.
    The idea for this new forum was that you could upload pictures direct from your device onto the forum without using a photo sharing website or faffing around resizing them.
    In that respect it has failed for the majority of users.


      Originally posted by toshtosh, Guiseley View Post
      Most of the modern digital cameras take a 10 to 20 megapixel photo which even a 4k TV cannot display. A HD screen can only display 2 Megapixels.

      Many photo editing programmes will enable you to resize your high quality digital photos down to lower pixel size, without cropping, and save (under a new name or you may lose original). Also useful if you want to sell on Ebay.


      The adjusted size has little impact on typical computer screens, and a little experimenting will soon show you the amount to shrink it by.


      Tony B
      I have never had a problem posting photos I have taken on my phone to eBay. Unlike this forum I can load multiple photos with just one click for each one. It really is so time consuming on here, I often give up


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