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Low tides leave Venice canals dry.............

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    Low tides leave Venice canals dry.............

    Low tides leave Venice canals dry. Didn't see that coming.




    Wow, must have been a very low tide. Had it happened before? ................................................Ca rol


      Hi all
      Bet it stinks...bad enough in summer.
      C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
      "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


        Wow.......As we all know, it’s normally the complete opposite.


          Wow! Bet that’s a first.
          don't want to work, just want to cruise.


            Low tides(and high tides) are regular the extra high/low at full/ and new moon

            it was quite extreme at as it went below the 0 mark but it does it most years multiple times.


              I have seen an empty canal, it was sealed off at both ends and a small type of JCB was digging out the thick glutinous silt which was probably more than 4 feet thick and only left just a few feet for water, the canal seemed to be lined with a type of red brick, so maintenance must happen from time to time, there is always a fruit and veg boat shop down one of the canals and the produce always looks first class, I don't know how the Venice sewage system works as I haven’t seen any pipes or sewerage plant or digester, so I wonder if they excavate from time to time and spread the residue onto the mainland vegetable fields

              Ps I have a photo but cannot figure out how to append it, I reduced the image to 1600x1200 pix and it was rejected, I made it very small which spoiled the photo and the system asked for a link address?


                I read that in 2015 / 16 they had the lowest tides that left the canals pretty empty, though it does seem to happen every year but to a lesser extent.


                On our first cruise to Venice we experienced the ‘Acqua Alta’ in the evening and walking across St Marks Sq on duckboards.


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