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    My husband ( he who is retired as time to do things) has just spent the summer months here keeping out of the sun and he used this time make some videos. He has a camcorder and films all our cruises. So it is nice to relive them at a later date. He has just spent months cataloguing them all which meant we have done a couple of world cruise from our lounge. Now the best shore excursion we came across for value for money and the interest factor was in Limon Cost Rica. We took a shore excursion on the Trains and Canal tour. ( this was on Cunard Queen Elizabeth) It was a fascinating tour. By coach, boat and train. A very old train at that and we went through the banana plantations. We went on the canals and saw lots of wild life and particularly the Sloughs. It was a good day out and looking back one of the best Shore excursion we have done. The other great one was in Shanghai this year. We had a superb guide and saw some amazing sights.
    This was followed by the tour to James Bond Island from Phucket to mainland Thailand Phang Nga Bay. .Wonderful stunning scenery here and an island call Ko Tapu where they filmed the James Bond movie Man with the Golden gun. Great place for canoeing..


      Whoops! Jane sorry I have posted you the wrong information. Sorry I mssed your first post and misunderstood ( senior moment) so please ignore my previous post as it is not really of any use to you at this moment in time. I will leave it up rather than delete it maybe someone else may be heading that way at some stage. Have a great time on your cruise.


        hi, Jayne;
        went to carib. on Ventura last year.
        husband prefers to do ship's tours as he dosn't want to miss the boat, so if you want to lazy like us...

        Antigua; did the 4x4 tour which was fun ...heard later from people who did the stingray trip...that the rum punch was so strong that they partied back!

        St.Martin; take the water-taxi to the shops/beach, not the most picturesque place but it's nice to go somewhere easily accessible for a change.

        St.Kitts; enjoyed the train trip, not sure how easy it is to do independantly, as I've heard that the cruise-ships take up a lot of the spaces?

        Granada; this time I'd probably try the water-taxi to the Grand Anse beach.

        Tortola; love it; watch the birds diving at the cane garden beach or take the ship tour to Virgin Gorda.

        Dominica; did the whale spotting trip and, yes, we did see some! a long trip out to sea but so exciting when they appeared.

        St. Lucia;the land and sea trip to the Pitons.

        Barbados; the ship-trip extended catamarran trip took in swimming with turtles,snorkelling on a reef with shoals of fish and a stop on Sandy Lane beach near the hotel where the well-heeled stay.friendly crew, nice food and rum punch.

        p.s; really liked the food in the asian speciality restaurant on Ventura.have agreat time.


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