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Dirtlovers ATV Tours have kept 50% of our booking

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    Dirtlovers ATV Tours have kept 50% of our booking

    Hi all, we booked an excursion with Dirtlovers ATV Tours based on the good reviews we'd read on TripAdvisor.

    Unfortunately we were not able to attend the tour due to COVID19 travel restrictions,.

    Instead of providing a full refund as per their commitment to customers on TripAdvisor and akin to all the other respectable excursion providers we'd booked with that have issued full refunds, they've decided to refund us just 50% and pocket the other 50%

    Their reasoning is they've employed a 3rd party booking service Caribous that employs a tiered cancellation penalty stating they cannot influence those arrangements.

    Just letting you know that when it comes to the crunch, this company will not support you at a time you need them to act fairly and refund all monies for a service that cannot possibly be provided at no fault of the customer.

    They wash their hands of responsibility instead and refer you to standard cancellation terms of a 3rd party booking agent they've employed to take their bookings whilst misleading customers on TripAdvisor.

    Very disappointing especially at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet during covid19 lockdown

    Just a point to bear in mind with ATV excursions. Check your travel insurance. Mine specifically excludes them.



      Check to see if you can get it back via Credit Card if that’s how you paid, also possibility via your bank if you paid by debit card.

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        Just keep hammering them on social media. Section 75 for credit card bookings (as Delboy mentioned)


          Get back to Trip Advisor and hammer them on there as well.


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