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Ponta Delgada, Azores

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    Ponta Delgada, Azores

    this is one of our port of calls later this year and we have never visited this island before.

    has anyone any ideas on what to do.

    is the town big enough to spend a few hours wandering around?

    thanks Issy
    don't want to work, just want to cruise.

    Hi Issy, I went there several years ago and thought the town was very picturesque. It has the usual bars/shops/restaurants and interesting architecture. Four of us hired a taxi and did a tour of the island, the driver taking us to the panoramic viewpoints. I was surprised at the landscape, green, rolling hills and lakes. As far as I can remember there was little else apart from the town itself and the lovely scenery. We very much enjoyed our day there and I would recommend finding an English speaking taxi driver to show you the beauty spots if the weather is clear.


      Very much like Madeira, architecture wise, and OK for a short wander around. We have visited a couple of times and one time did the excursion to the lake but we couldn't see much as it was shrouded in mist. Otherwise we just stretched our legs before a long Atlantic crossing. There is a little train that runs around the town.

      However, like Madeira, it is usually pleasantly warm and you feel as though your cruise has really begun.............. if you are off to warmer climates.


        Hi Issy
        It is like a small version of Funchal with similar architecture though not as grand.
        We were the other way around in that it was our first stop after 6 days crossing the Atlantic from the Caribbean so the whole ship emptied!
        We did a trip up to the caldera where the hot springs were and then we visited a pineapple plantation and I can't remember where else.
        It is very lush and green but not as beautiful as Madeira.
        I am sure you will enjoy it.
        shaken, not purred


          We did a tour with Ricardo from Amazing Tours. He was very informative and quite funny - excellent English. He took eight of us in a mini bus to all the major places on the island and we really enjoyed the day. His rate was less than half of the cruise ship tour cost and we saw more. We told him we wanted to be back at the ship an hour before boarding time and he had us back on the dot. He said, if one group missed their ship, they would post it all over the internet and his company would not get customers. We were very happy with his service and I highly recommend him. He has a car for smaller groups.


            Hi Issy,
            I will also be calling at Ponta Delgada, later this year. So your question has helped me also. I have looked at the Amazing Tours website, lots of useful information there, here is the web address azores-tours if it is of any help.



              thanks everyone for the information. the Azores is our first port of call so we might have a wander around but I will have a look at Amazing tours. but if we just decide to visit the city and not book a trip I know that we will be able to spend a few enjoyable hours wandering about thanks.

              P.S. glad to have been of help Bob.
              don't want to work, just want to cruise.


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