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Tunisian Terrorist Attacks

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    Four arrests announced. No details yet.


      What a nightmare

      With the missing, I can only hope they scarpered and are stuck somewhere in Tunis - that would be bad enough, but the alternative is worse ...

      On another note, our own October cruise was due to call there, so I imagine there'll be an alternative port slotted in now - should be interesting to see where we'll end up



        Have not read all the posts, so not sure if this has been posted.

        Saw this in an extract from the Guardian today.

        "MSC Cruises said nine people who had been sailing on its vessel Splendida were killed in the attack and 12 were injured. None of those were Britons, but the company confirmed that six passengers, including one Briton, were unaccounted for.

        The company said telephones and internet connections were made available on board so passengers could contact loved ones and a crisis team had come on board.
        MSC said that of the dead among its passengers, three were Japanese, two French, two Spanish and two Colombian. The wounded, of whom three were Japanese, one South African, one Belgian and seven French, were being treated in various hospitals.

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          Our thoughts are with those poor people who were killed or injured at the museum . The problem we have is we all love cruising and part and parcel of cruising is visiting all these places. The way this world has evolved nowadays, you can be ANYWHERE and some plonker wants take you out. Travel companies will not stop their customers from going anywhere until the foreign office advise them it is unsafe and the foreign office has to balance the threat and not over reacting. No one can stop shooting incidents like that and Paris from taking place even in our Cities. So take my advice, life your life as you have been just be a little more vigilant and try not to put yourself in more danger than you need to. DON'T give in to them. Thats what they want


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