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Limited Cabin Alert! Glaciers Of South America, Ultimate Iguassu, Copacabana Beach &

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    Limited Cabin Alert! Glaciers Of South America, Ultimate Iguassu, Copacabana Beach &

    Jordan Luxton
    Forum Administrator

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Unfortunately I thought it was £1!
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      I agree this looks a fantastic cruise, even more so as for the past week I have been following two top 'you tube' photography landscape vloggers (Canadian Brendan Van Son and Thomas Heaton from the UK) who have been running a joint photography workshop in the Patagonia area of South America shared by Chile and Argentina.

      Together with the ten course participants they have been producing some fantastic photographs and daily videos of their excursions in this area, including the calving of the Moreno glacier.

      They also took with them a Canadian 'you tube' Cinematic photographer (Greg Snell) to cover the B Roll. If you want to see any of his, Thomas or Brendan's coverage of this trip just click on any of their names on 'you tube' or on Instagram #patascape.

      Here is a link to Gregs latest video in Patagonia. https://youtu.be/PCciwkIUFOY

      If there is one land based trip I would love to do it's this one, it's an annual workshop BVS runs at this time of year.
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      Photo Albums





        Limited cabins? some grades maybe.

        I estimate availability at around 32%


          Might be worth noting this should have the Ship gratuities included and if booking a suite some OBC

          Also the map looked a bit weird for a cruise itinerary so I checked HAL site


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