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Baltic Cruise Currency

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    Baltic Cruise Currency

    Currency in the Baltic. Several countries accept US$ and Euro. Is it necessary to take Kroner for those countries whose currency is Kroner. Thank you

    Yes it is, although larger businesses probably accept euros. Banks and ATMs are the easiest way but not necessarily the cheapest. Dollars or Euros are sometimes accepted in Russia, but it is actually illegal to spend them. Daft isn't it? We took a small amount of currency for sundries such as taxis, coffee etc. and used the credit card for larger purchases such as crystal in Gdynia. Judith


      As per the Answers you got on the Q&A site ,use a card or pay in Euro's but you may get your change in Kroner....Taffy


        I'd just take a best buy credit card and use that. Most places in Europe are more credit card friendly than even the UK, though I'm not sure about Russia.

        If you have one of these credit cards you can typically withdraw from an ATM if you have a need for cash. Do it in small amounts so you don't end up with lots of useless currency when you come home!

        The Halifax Clarity card is an easy option to suggest, though there are others. It's a no-brainer really.

        If you have issues with credit, use something like the SuperCard from Travelex. I used this when it was in a beta period (limited-issue trial period) and it works very well - it simply re-charges whichever UK Visa/MC in GBP. The only downside now that it's out of beta is that ATM withdrawals are subject to a pretty horrendous 2.99% charge, so you definitely want to use it for purchases, NOT ATM withdrawals.
        Duncan S

        See my blog!


          I was on a private tour in St Petersburg and was asked to pay in dollars. The souvenir shop would take dollars/euro/sterling.
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            Alla on our St.P. tour paid for the stuff that would only accept local(like the toilet ladies).

            We know we will be back some day or know someone that will go so just keep any change and moves around as people need it.

            CC covered most things so dis not need a lot of local in the other places on the baltic runs.


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