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The Cruise, Another new series this time it's Alaska

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    The Cruise, Another new series this time it's Alaska

    Fed up with Royal Princess, the Med and Timothy

    Next up, Star Princess with Alaska and Timothy.

    SAY "HELLO"...
    ...to the next star of ITV's The Cruise, Star Princess. Starting Thursday 1st March, the new three-part series filmed in the bucket list destination of Alaska, takes guests on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to experience everything The Great Land has to offer, from breathtaking glaciers and stunning scenery to magnificent wildlife and phenomenal adventures. Tune in and follow their amazing journey and why not join in the conversation too, using #TheCruise
    These were announced last year...
    Two special 3 x 30 minute outings to Alaska and the Caribbean will take viewers further then ever before to breath-taking and exotic locations, which present new challenges for staff.
    here is what princess have to say(CD safe no prices)

    and the schedule is.
    The Cruise
    Category: Documentary
    Episode 1 of 3 | Season 4

    Thu 1 Mar
    8:30pm-9:00pm (30 minutes)

    the full blurb on this one(can' release Ep2 yet has a press/public domain restriction)
    Episode 1

    This new three-part series for ITV features the crew of the Star Princess cruise ship voyaging to one of the world’s last frontiers - Alaska.

    With more than 450 cruise ships around the world competing for passengers, offering a unique journey is a must. But taking a five-star luxury liner to the remote Alaskan seas means the captain and his crew must go the extra mile.

    Cruising between Vancouver in Canada and Anchorage in Alaska, this series sees the crew battle navigational challenges and unpredictable weather, to deliver passengers the promise of a wilderness like nowhere else on Earth.

    In the first episode, the Star Princess is in Vancouver ahead of a cruise north through the ‘Inland Passage’. Food and beverage manager Janice is overseeing the loading of enough provisions for the 3,500 passengers and crew until the ship returns here in two weeks’ time. Everything must be loaded before they can depart - and if they overstay their time on the Vancouver dock, they’ll face a hefty parking charge.

    It’s not just provisions that need to be loaded; Captain Tuvo has one late passenger who still hasn’t turned up. As the ship is delayed by her absence and he’s told she still hasn’t parked her car, he must decide between leaving without her or making everyone else late and facing the consequences.

    A familiar face from previous series of The Cruise, shore excursions agent Timothy is getting to grips with his latest posting. His new team member Karen is at first a little unnerved by Timothy’s larger than life personality, and when they are scheduled to test-run a day’s fishing excursion together on a skippered boat, she wastes no time in giving him some feedback about his flaws.

    It’s all change at the top for the ‘floating hotel’ side of the Star Princess with new hotel general manager Pieter taking the reins for the first time. He’s presented with a worrying leak in a galley area that requires some radical remedial work, and a problem he never anticipated: In the ship’s International Café, he’s horrified to notice that the carrot cake icing decorations look disconcertingly anatomical.

    Passengers the Howards from Florida have paid over £6,000 to stay in The Grand Suite, the crème de la crème of the 1,300 cabins on board. While they have certainly found themselves in the lap of luxury, there’s no guarantee they will get to see what many passengers come to Alaska hoping to witness - the summer glacier ‘calving’ season, when chunks of ice spectacularly sheer off the advancing wall into the sea. It’s out of Captain Tuvo’s control, but as he navigates as close as he can to the six-mile wide Hubbard Glacier, he has his fingers crossed his passengers will be rewarded

    Thanks for this TD.

    Alaska is one of my favourite destinations so will put this on to record.

    I know Timothy is a Marmite personality, but I think he's a scream. Comes across as very entertaining. We had a wonderful Ents. crew member on QE last summer [Carol Guy will back me up on this as she was on the same cruise] called Laura and she had a similar personality and had a most distinctive way of speaking. She was also very efficient.
    She had us in stitches all the time. She must have been well received by others as she'd previously won QE staff member of the month.

    Looking forward to re-visiting Alaska via the television and looking to see how HAL [our Alaska cruises have been with them] differs from Princess.


      I do back you up.

      I quite enjoy a quirky character, not sure I would want to be with them all the time but they can really entertain in small doses.

      I would love to do an Alaskan cruise and so will be watching with interest..Carol


        I really should do a review of our trip on Royal last year, I did make some notes just never put it together.


          That would be interesting, I went to a lunch on Royal Princess with some other forum members and there was a mixed reaction to the ship.

          I thought the cabins were very nice but the balcony was tiny and thought the sea walk? thingy was intrusive for the cabins below...Carol


            This sounds good Topdeck, and Alaska is on my 'to do list', looking forward to watching it very much.................................Carol


              I have always struggled to find a deal with Alaska getting the cruise and flights cheap has always been the problem it always seemed to be one or the other, since this program is coming up I am going to look and see what's around for this year.

              If I find anything it will go on the deals pages,


                We will watch, Alaska on Coral Princess was our first cruise and I would like to go back as we know a lot more now than then about cruises, and also get the opportunity to do the Rocky Mountaineer.



                  yes we have seen Laura twice on Cunard , usually in the Red Lion doing quizzes and games , really kept us amused ,


                    Thanks for the heads up Topdeck, I too shall be watching. It will be interesting to see the Star Princess again.....it’s been a 14 year break! I’m not a big fan of Timothy, but will tolerate him just to see the Alaskan coastlne and scenery. Lol


                      I watched The Cruise last night and enjoyed it. The scenery was spectacular and spotting the whales a bonus.

                      What I found very interesting was the side view of the ship and the way the balconies were so overlooked by the ones above. The overhang was marked and it showed me I would have to be very selective which cabin I would choose.

                      Carrot cake comment was amusing but not sure I would have noticed. I wonder if Timothy was deliberately moved onto the ship as a 'character'? he seems to have tamed his quiff but not the laugh..Carol


                        I enjoyed it, but it seemed to be over very quickly, they should have put it on for an hour.

                        From what I saw of the ship I have to say Royal looks much nicer and prettier. Although she is newer of course. Does any one know which of the two, the Sapphire is most like? .................................................. .............Carol


                          We watched too and like Carol WGC felt the half hour was too short. It actually brought a lump to my throat as it was the very first cruise itinerary we ever took [on HAL] over twenty five years ago. We have been lucky enough to cruise the Inside Passage both on a Van/Van basis and a one way Van/Anchorage.
                          We will return as Cunard now have Alaska on their itinerary, even if it is QE and not QV at the moment.

                          Timothy, as I have said before, is probably a Marmite character. We think he's a hoot and a definite ''find'' as far as reality television is concerned as he's a great addition to the programme. That laugh is unique, to say the least! However we don't have to work with him and I would imagine, he could be a bit OTT for some fellow crew members.

                          The Captain came across well I thought. Altogether, for us, it's looking as if it will be an excellent series.


                            Originally posted by carol, welwyn garden city View Post
                            I enjoyed it, but it seemed to be over very quickly, they should have put it on for an hour.

                            From what I saw of the ship I have to say Royal looks much nicer and prettier. Although she is newer of course. Does any one know which of the two, the Sapphire is most like? .................................................. .............Carol
                            Sapphire is closest to the Star in layout.

                            Most princess ships have a very similar feel/layout

                            Timothy has facebook and twitter if you are a fan.


                              I agree with others half an hour was far too short. Enjoying the programme, as for Timothy at times he irritates me -that laugh grates, but at other times he is mildly amusing.

                              Glad we have another cruise programme to look forward to tonight, escapism from this horrible cold, ice and snow!
                              Lizzie sigpic


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