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Reality TV goes cruising - starting this Sunday!

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    Originally posted by grantthomas, Emsworth View Post
    I agree you watch this series and sooo wanna be back on a sunny cruise! However, if I ever board cruise ship and see that entertainments manager (with the black glasses and thinking himself to be crazy) then I'll run a mile. The whole "Grandad in a womans frock pole dancing' was the most horrid of his 'entertainment' ideas.
    Worst trannys i have ever seen !!!


      Originally posted by ger, scotland View Post
      I thought it focussed too much on the dancers. I would have preferred to have seen more of what took place on the bridge etc.Was fascinated to see the ship being controlled by what looked like a joystick!!
      We saw the secrets of "The Best Capitanor" on Sunday, and his secret is out !!!!!!!!!!! He had a thumping great tug to guide him.


        Hoorah, sunday again which means another episode
        BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


          Originally posted by A Vast Behind, THATCHAM-SUR-MER View Post
          Worst trannys i have ever seen !!!
          also the worst cruise comp i have ever been on. in the baggage hall savana my daughter was rammed by a italian with his trolly. it was so hard she was thrown in the air, 2 days later she miscarried her baby, costas response, nothing not a word zilch. also we was both full of bumps and bruises from all the pushing and shoving when on board. i feel so strong that i will not even now go to italy let alone cruise with italians, and costa dont give a dam so long as you spend spend and spend again.
          the person who said about the many languges is dead right, it drove us mad. because by the time it got to english the speaker was out of breath and exausted, and if it was a joke it had lost its humer by then, i know i cant spell lol.
          take so very well intended advice and dont cruise with them :D


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