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Titanic 2 - possibly the worst sequel in the world, ever..?

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    Titanic 2 - possibly the worst sequel in the world, ever..?

    'An action adventure starring Bruce Davison and Brooke Burns. History repeats itself in this unofficial sequel to the 1997 blockbuster set one hundred years after the original sinking of the Titanic.'

    It was on last night on the 'Syfy' channel. I'm not sure when/if it'll be on again.

    I missed it but heard it was, ahem, a bit naff.

    Watch Titanic 2 trailer

    What do you think?
    Robinson Cruisoe, Mrs
    Cruises.co.uk Community Manager

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    Robinson Cruisoe, Mrs
    Cruises.co.uk Community Manager

    Cruising and Titanic .....?

    Well Mrs RC

    I have not even watched the first one, I just don't fancy watching that kind of romanticised disaster I just want to enjoy memories of my cruises ..... sans disasters, thank you. So would I watch a sequel?

    Regards Neil


      The ship in the opening sequence of the trailer is the 'Queen Mary' at long beach! Yep 'Titanic 2' looks very naff, but 'Raise the Titanic' (1980) will take some beating.

      The 'Poseidon' (2006) a remake of 'The Poseidon Adventure' (1972) was technically pretty good, but not a patch on the original. Strangely the ship in the remake looks like it's design is based on a cross between the QM2 and a 'Seabourn Yacht', but they forgot to add details like 'bridge wings':

      ...but the ship in the advertising poster features P&O's 'Arcadia'. I bet P&O were not too happy?

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        Titanic 2

        I watched for a few minutes and couldn't stand it. It was absolute rubbish!


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