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Not Coping in a Hot Climate

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    Thank you for the tips... I wonder if the Sunsense 50 is what was prescribed for my mother after her skin cancer; she was supposed to wear it all year round. We had to remind the care staff when she was in a nursing home, as they thought it was a treat for her to be wheeled out into the sun.
    A parasol- now that's a good idea! I've taken a small umbrella when on tour to open sites in Greece in the past.
    Anyone else with this whiter than white skin, don't go to Ephesus without being completely covered, and with an umbrella, like the guides as there's NO shade anywhere on the site, and the marble paths reflect the heat.
    I look at the red haired Prince Harry, and wonder how he copes in strong sunshine, out in Afghanistan, or recently in the Caribbean.


      A good non perfumed sunscreen sunsense 30 goes in well and doesnt leave you all shiny ( M & S ) do it. in the white bottle unperfumed or the Australian Gold factor 30 45 and 50, Goes in well and they have a stick like lipsil so if you sweat it doesnt run in your eyes and make them water, You can get these on some cruiseships (Azamara) or on the internet, A wide brimmed hat is a " mobile Umbrella" and loose clothing made of 100 per cent cotton is a must, preferably long and flowing. A lot of people use the reflective umbrellas that keep the burning rays off and you tan through them, They are purple colour and made of the same stuff the baby tents that you see on uk and Medi beaches . I have had pre cancer and was recommended not to go below 20 for my sunscreen in uk ( I live at coast) and minimum 30 abroad. Always put on in the room/cabin before dressing let it dry then get dressed and off you go. Hope this helps.


        after my last cruise, only i get cancer[not skin, no hot now for 12 months because of radiotherapy/chemo], but the wife who never goes in the sun got melanoma on on pure white legs. on three month check ups after a having it moved.

        had always liked the sun before.
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          We have just got home from India where we have been for 2 weeks. It was hot, around 32 to 35 most days. I love the sun but I have to be careful as I am taking chemotherapy tablets which can react with the sun. I used factor 50 on my face and body and also used a mineral powder foundation with sun protection on my face. It doesn't feel heavy or clog pores and I didn't burn at all. I always wore a light long sleeved top if going out in direct sunshine but tried to keep in the shade as much as possible.


            My Husband loves the heat and likes to sunbathe. I didn't sunbathe when I was younger as I had bad hay fever so was uncomfortable sitting out in a garden and preferred to be indoors. I prefer to sit in the shade as much as possible, I like the heat but not the sun.
            As I get older I sunbathe less and less as I don't mind be pale and 'interesting'...

            I used to prefer sightseeing holidays but my Husband always wanted to have beach holidays, so for years we always went on beach holidays, now we are retired we do have some sightseeing holidays, but my Husband still wants to sunbathe, so it's difficult.


              Burquas are very handy they cover everything,can be made of cotton or silk so they don't sweat you,only thing wrong with them is you get some queer looks.


                I love the sun, and sunbathe at every opportunity, wearing F.30. But as I live in Spain, it's just a matter of topping up on a regular basis. Consequently maintain the tan without gettng burnt.


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