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Avoiding the Shuttle Bus Charges

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    Avoiding the Shuttle Bus Charges

    The cruise lines hype up the blurb and encourage you to buy shuttle bus tickets before reaching the port. Had we not been as savvy as we are; on our last cruise we could have spent a fortune on shuttle bus tickets alone. These range from $10 to $14 pp on our recent cruise and with 11 ports of call, many of which required a shuttle bus I am sure many novice cruisers were relieved of their money.

    So lets make a list and tell it how easy it is to DIY. I'll start you off.

    A boat shuttle was on offer at $22 pp - admittedly it did take you right near to St. Marks Square but a five minute walk from the ship, a one euro ride on the people mover brought you to Piazalla Roma, from here a steady 20-25 minute walk taking in all the sights of Venice was easy enough and of course you also had the option once reaching the Piazzala Roma of taking a public water bus along the Grand Canal for around 7 euros each way.

    The ships shuttle took you to the most boring part of the city for a cost of $12 pp. We walked from the Ship through the docks - it took us around 12 minutes before reaching the port gates, crossing the road, slightly to the right up the steps into the walled old town or infront of you up a ramp or even to the right up some steps all brought you into the old town. A charming place where the real people live, seeing the ladies sitting outside embroidering and sewing, making pasta, within a couple of minutes you are at the square where one of the big churches is, with a statue of St. Nicholas.

    Either $12 or $14 for the Ships shuttle, however the local bus station is just the other side of the port building and for around 12 kuna (£1.36) the local bus which runs very frequently drops you off in exactly the same place as the ships shuttle.

    $12 Ships Shuttle - Local Bus 1.50 Euros. There was a free port shuttle to the terminal building from where they put on a ships shuttle to the town for $12pp. However the bus stop was just outside the terminal building - running every 20 minutes clearly marked Port to Old Town. Infact it was also not a bad walk as we decided to walk back, although it looked a long way we did it in 20 minutes.

    Cant remember what the Ship was charging but if you walk to the right for around 5 minutes you will see a big square entrance marked barrack Lifts. Cost One Euro to go up and free to come down taking you up to the town of Valletta into the gardens above the Cannon Battery. Apparently the local bus from the main station was an even better deal than the HOHO tour buses at just 2.50 euros for an all day ticket!!

    Care to add anymore anyone.............?

    Barcelona use the port shuttle, it costs approx 3 euros return. so much cheaper that the $10 or so ships shuttle bus. both buses pick up/drop off at the same place.
    don't want to work, just want to cruise.


      Another option at Dubrovnik is the local taxis that line up by the ship. There's a big notice saying it's 10 euro per taxi to the city gate. So with 4 aboard it's 2.50 each way


        Hi Bradbury - just to avoid confusion. The gardens are called Barakka Gardens.

        Regarding shuttles - we had the same experience in Palma. The bus stop to the centre is just outside the terminal.


          I don't know why it is but I hate any shuttle charge, I paid a cruise price to visit certain ports, we will do a ships tour when we fancy something, but just hate the thought of them charging us to take us into town.

          Yet I don't mind grabing a taxi which may cost more for the same journey.
          Cruising is like;

          Being in The Garden of Eating


            if you are in Barcelona it might be worth while walking to the dock before where you are docked.IE if at dock c walk back to b you will avoid the crowds as long as its not being used


              Some ports do not allow you to do your own thing.Livorno port for one, you are forced to use the ships shuttle and its fee if you want to go into the town.Many other ports will allow you to walk to the taxi ranks,buses etc so its worthwhile doing a little investigation first.It seems that there is an insidious increase in port charges in using shuttles where they used to be free.


                Livorno port supplied its own buses- and charges for them; it's not a ship's shuttle. Some cruise lines must have an agreement with the port, such as RCI, where you can buy tickets on board with your ship's card, but P&O don't charge for shuttles, and make it very clear that you will be paying a port official for the bus. There was a woman official standing next to the bus when we last used it, and she was charging €5 per person- actually not too bad for the ride into the centre as you could come and go all day.


                  This is a problem with the monsters of modern cruising. The small ships of previous generations moored within a stroll of key places and getting on and off was without queuing.
                  These beasts are OK if you stay on board - otherwise use regent/seabourne for a step back to "the passenger comes first"


                    Good deal in Barcelona!!

                    Originally posted by Issyalex, Glasgow View Post
                    Barcelona use the port shuttle, it costs approx 3 euros return.
                    so much cheaper that the $10 or so ships shuttle bus.
                    both buses pick up/drop off at the same place.
                    Yes, we too found it convenient and inexpensive to use the Barcelona shuttle bus
                    since we had no idea where we were going, anyway!

                    It dropped us off at the tall Columbus statue at the start of La Rambla
                    and when we were done, we waited for it at the same spot, and it took us back to the ship!
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