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How do I cut down my cruise packing?

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    Interesting reading. I struggle to pack light for a cruise. But have always kept a book with a page for each holiday, write down each day what I will wear for the day and the evening based on what we are doing for the day. I find this way I never take anything that I don't wear - I do the same for my Husband! Have the notes for everything we have taken on holiday for the last twenty odd years!!! It helps as you can look back and see what worked and what didn't. Also have a 'master list' for everything that isn't clothes and goes on all holidays i.e. alarm clock, binoculars, camera, brush and comb, items of make up.
    I hate having to do any washing on holiday, but these days can't avoid it. Luggage allowances get smaller all the time. We have paid for extra baggage on the last half a dozen holidays, but after being quoted £300 for a short flight in the Far East (ended up leaving two suitcases in left luggage for two weeks) am hoping to be more careful in the future.


      How about this...
      Leave the books behind & borrow from the on-board library (if your cruise has one).
      Evenings - choose only 2 trousers & 1 3/4 length & cut down shirts/tees/tops to 4 of each
      I think 2 swimmers are plenty.

      There are so many people on cruise ships, that no one is going to remember you wearing the same top/trousers twice. if you run out of clean clothes, you always have your handy hand wash to use

      Oh & I would choose either flip flops or sandals, not both.

      As for the guide books, how about just photocopying the pages you want & leaving the books behind?

      I also like the comment about carrying some items in your hand luggage. You get about 5-7kgs (you will need to check with Easyjet). Its always a good idea to at least pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case the unfortunate happens... They loose your case!

      Happy Packing & have a fab holiday


        Oh I understand this dilemma so well!! We are on the Ventura on 3rd June from Southampton to Iceland and Norway however, as we live in Jersey and have to fly to Southampton our luggage allowance is only 20kgs too. I need 3 formal gowns at least and matching high heels, trainers, sandals etc. but I don't even know what the weather will be like so I need to pack for warm and cold!!! I have a headache thinking about the packing already with 4 weeks to go!!! Your list helps though!!


          I have flown all over the world and packed for a month without going over 20kg (44lb) even when on the higher 30kg allowance at times. I don't even go over 20kg when I drive to port. But, then I am a man and don't need so many changes of outfit!


            Hi Sophiesnores,
            My method - type out packing list ;take everything out of drawers/cupboards/suitcases & weigh on bathroom scales in a clean laundry basket; I am ususlly weighed in @ 18KG & I still don't wear everything; mind you I don't cruise in cold climates! Formal wear =black palazzo trousers & fancy top with pashmina/ thin cardigan, gold tone heel sandals; smart cas. nights - black trousers & different tops; day wear - swimsuit & coverup for on ship, tee shirt & cotton trs/shorts & crocs - mix & match outfits. Utilise the hand luggage weight/space as well, travel size shampoo etc. Be ruthless with books - there's a library on board and swap books with other passengers. Wear trainers to travel in as they are ususally the heaviest shoes... Does this help? If in doubt, look up Gok Kwan 15 piece wardrobe capsule ideas. Good Luck


              Type out packing list ready for the cruise. Take this with you, tick off the clothes you wear. Then NEXT cruise only take those things you ticked as worn. This method meant for a 7 week cruise I was way under for the Easyjet flight. Undies must be cut down,as you can wash and wear them, shoes I take one pair for the evenings (high heeled sandals in gold, black or flesh/tan coloured) one pair of walking sandals and a pair of flat slip ons to use walking round the ship. Then I wear either boots or other heavier shoes on plane. Personally I don´t take lots of mix and match things eg shorts, tops, shirts, trousers, I found these made me overpack. I take dresses which do a turn in the evenings on board with a smart shrug, then a day sight seeing.(no one remembers what you wore last week) I have a couple of t shirt type dresses for sea days. Last cruise we did take formal wear, this time were not (not too sure that I like this idea, as I like being able to wear long gowns and the men do look smart in their DJs). Finally pack the heaviest stuff in your hand luggage as Easyjet don´t have a weight restriction on this. If you getting a connecting flight, you can then pack some of the heavier stuff back in the case for the Regular flight that doesn´t have such a harch checked bag limit. Don´t forget you can buy stuff like deodorants, shampoos etc at the port. HTH


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