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Would you downgrade your cabin?

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    Would you downgrade your cabin?

    Hi Guys
    I posted a thread a few weeks ago explaining the dilemma we were in re our Explorer cruise and being able to afford to pay the balance because of vet bills and being able to actually go because of my mother in law waiting to have a bypass.
    I'd carry this on, on that thread but I'm not sure if it would be seen as my email alerts don't always come through, so I don't know if everyone else has issues getting emails to alert them to a post on a thread. Your opinions, comments and support were gratefully received

    Anyways my new question is; Would you downgrade your cabin to be able to still travel?
    We have a JS for 4 adults with a balance left of £5300. I'm struggling with this with our vet bills.
    I went on to Royal Caribbean website last night as I've been watching prices on Cruise Fish. They have three pairs of interconnecting Promenade view inside cabins available. It will reduce my final balance by a whopping £2000. Which is not to be sniffed at and I can afford.

    But I loose my precious balcony. We've never had anything else.

    Pro's We can still go
    We gain an extra bathroom fantastic with 20 and 16 year old daughters
    We gain more privacy from each other.

    Con's We loose our balcony which I'm often sat out on first thing in morning whilst the others are still sleeping.
    I'll probably loose my OBC
    Check in will be later
    I can't see the sea!!!
    My neurotic mind will be in overdrive as I won't have my own way off in an emergency ( yes I know hitting water from a height would be like hitting concrete but just humour my madness)
    There may be noise from the promenade and I'm a light sleeper.

    Hit me with opinions and comments all welcome, I can take it lol xx

    P.S Puppy fine after surgery and mother in law bypass deffo won't be in next few months.

    It would be a real shame not to go....A. later check in is not so important, take an early morning stroll and sit out on deck with a coffee instead of a balcony sounds like a plan. Not having to share a bathroom would seal the deal for me :-)


      To summarise:

      You lose 1 balcony gain 1 bathroom and save £2000 ??

      I would go for it.



      PS I have sailed in a balcony and then back to an inside and yes I missed the balcony but not to the extent of £2000.
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        Glad the dog's OK .
        Some people pick an inside cabin just because of cost,as one person pointed out we can have 3 cruises a year ,instead of 2 in a dearer cabin.
        I have not heard any complaints regarding noise from the prom deck cabins,
        As you say you gain a Bathroom and some privacy ,and the rest of the ship's facilities are there for you to use.
        Nothing to stop you getting a Coffee and sitting out on deck rather than a balcony ,any small adjustments to your plans to make it more affordable...Taffy


          Yes it is nice to have a balcony, but not to go at all go for it, you might be surprised, and at the end of the day its only a cabin. If you hate it you will know never to do it again, on the other hand you might like it. £2000 is a lot of money............................................. .....Carol


            Well I'm claustrophobic so I couldn't cope without a Balcony. But that's just me.


              NO brainer

              Sit at home or on a ship.

              I would look for a cabin close to a door to an outside area or elevators so you can get outside quick.

              Not sure what suite perks you lose on RCI.

              which date in June is this one?

              Oh don't worry about email alerts I think most people just view using new/todays which picks up old threads that have new posts.


                It's a no brainier for me, I'd sleep in a broom cupboard if it meant I could be on a cruise. I literally sleep, wash and dress in my cabin, that amounts to probably less than 8hrs a day in the cabin itself.



                  I would go for it. Circumstances have been tough, and you're not getting the holiday you initially imagined, but at least it's still a holiday and you can easily stroll up to the deck and have a look or relax in one of the lounges with a sea view.

                  It's not ideal but you have to adapt to the current circumstances, and it sounds like you and yours could really use a holiday around now with everything that's been going on. There's so much of the cruise (the vast majority, in fact) that you'll still get to enjoy and a saving of £2,000 is huge!

                  And actually, the extra privacy would be a big win... I know it would be for 16- and 20-year-old me!

                  The added benefit is that you might love the experience, see more of the ship due to spending more time out of the cabin, and find you'd rather save the money in the future! Think of how many extra cruises you could have in the long term in the unlikely event that this happens!

                  I always thought I'd only want a balcony, but the CruiseDot blogging cruise had Alex and I in an outside cabin. I know it's not an inside, but I didn't think I'd like it and it was totally fine!

                  Good luck with whatever you decide. Glad the puppy is fine after surgery!
                  Duncan S

                  See my blog!


                    Absolutely no question. Get it booked.

                    Balcony cabins are nice but I'm guessing the teenagers will like being close to the pool (as do mine) and as Duncan says you may well find that it's much less of a step down than you might think.


                      I have never had an inside cabin but a promenade view is better than 4 blank walls. Look at the positives, the dog is fine, you would still get to go on your cruise and as you say a bit of privacy. Accept that it will be a different experience but it is still the trip you wanted with the family as you planned.

                      I would do it, what is the worst that can happen, you might come back and say never again in an inside, but you might come back and say we had a brilliant time and coped without the balcony..Carol


                        I think the no brainer answer is the majority view and I would agree.

                        Just a thought, a few years ago on Legend of the Seas we had an inside, right at the back next to a "secret" door, it was like having a massive balcony without the light, in the mornings no one ever came through the door and during the day people poked their heads through and went. Our steward produced a sun bed on day 3 (I guess he was sick of me leaving a chair out there)

                        Are there any inside cabins right next to outer doors that lead to a small quiet deck area? Look hard and make the best of it. £2k extra for a balcony is too much to pay IMHO when you've already got a lot on your plate. Good Luck :-)


                          Have you looked at a balcony with an inside/prom opposite?

                          Another option might be to change the booking to 2 people in a cheaper cabin and look at US prices for the second cabin.


                            I'm pleased that things have perked up for you and that your puppy is OK.

                            We always want a balcony but being realistic the adjoining Promenade cabins sound like a perfect compromise. Save the money, enjoy a bathroom and bedroom to yourselves and enjoy a lovely family holiday..............HT


                              I have spent the last hour on the phone to Guatemala whilst reading your comments.
                              I managed to get the last two connecting promenade rooms on deck 7 so cabins above and below rather than having to be above the pub on deck 6.
                              They have been brilliant. I get to keep my original OBC I also get an additional $100 as that is today's promotion! My balance due is £1800 less than original. Both the girls are really happy as they get their own bathroom and are a wall away from their snoring father!!
                              I feel like I've had a huge weight taken off my shoulders. Husband was non committal with his usual "whatever" comment ahhhhh he frustrates me lol.

                              I'm not claustrophobic like Victoria but living very rurally I do crave the outdoors. Time will tell whether or not we have made the right decision. However we are going on our cruise!!!! We do need a holiday and this is a specially important one to me being my 40th and a couple of days after our youngest has finished her G.C.S.E's
                              My friend is house sitting for all the animals and her job as a carer means that she can be on hand for the inlaws should they need any assistance.

                              A huge huge phew and thank you so much to all of you for your comments which I really do truly value.

                              On a separate note the service I have just received from ref Oscar in Guatemala was second to none. Very impressed!


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