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"Our Holiday Centre"

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    "Our Holiday Centre"

    Hi Everyone
    We have used Ideal Cruising a few times for our cruises and I am now being called daily by Our Holiday Centre" who say they are part of Ideal Cruising to book a new cruise. We are already booked for 2013 so they are pressing me to book 2014 for a £99 deposit and they say you get free holidays and UK stays with this. This sounds too good to be true - has anyone used this company. They are very insistent even though I have told them I have just come out of hospital and had to cancel my last cruise (November) at short notice because I needed surgery. I am just wondering if these deals are genuine as they are becoming a bit of a pest. Also the person I spoke to gave me his name and then said I could email him and the name he gave me was totally different - a bit suspicious. I have tried to tell them I would rather wait until I am given the all clear but they say this deal lasts four years.



    Never take what anyone says over the phone to be true, especially as they contacted you, rather than the other way around. Usually if it sounds too good to be true then it is.

    If you are curious though, next time they phone; say you are thinking about it and in the meantime can they send you anything in the post/mail by way of confirmation of exactly what you are getting. If they dont have such material info then walk away and dont get pressured into anything.


      Don't you just love these cold calls...NOT.

      I love these two phrases

      'there's no such thing as a free lunch'


      'if it sounds too good to be true...it probably is'.

      Ignore and book what you want, when you want. Then you're sure you've got the pukka deal. Might not be as attractive as what's on offer right now, but you will be sure of its authenticity.


        They are both part of the ICE group. If they are a nuisance and they clearly are, tell them so and put the phone down.


          Thank you for your replies. No doubt they will ring again tomorrow - I did ask them to send me the details in the post but they said they are now "green" and can only send info via email and they "really don't want me to miss this opportunity". I will tell him I will contact them when I want to book - my husband will be pleased as he has been telling me this all along but I just wanted to "cruising experts" advice as I book our holidays and as he says he carries the bags!!!! (he forgets to say he loves our cruises though).

          Thanks again


            I'd drop any travel agent that 'hard sell' and become a pest.

            Cruise.dot DO NOT hard-sell.
            See my cruise blog: HERE


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