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croisi cruise of croatia and dalmatian coast

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    croisi cruise of croatia and dalmatian coast

    We are interested in doing a Croisi cruise of the Dalmatian Coast Onboard L' Adriatique Departing in July 2010.
    It is a 7 night cruise from Dubrovnik on the
    Ship La Belle de L'Adriatique. We are a family with a 10 year old and a 16 year old. Looks like a good itinerary and the only cruise I could find for Croatia and the islands that seems luxurious. It seems like it is used by mostly french people. We are english speaking. Interested to hear feedback about this cruise line from any english speaking people . If you have any knowledge or experience with this cruise or cruise line would be grateful to get advice. It takes 200 people and it seems like the company specialises in river cruises which we have never done. Not sure if the fancy french cuisine will suit modern Australian tastes but seems to take my fancy more than a gullet cruise. Or is it better to forget about a cruise and do the Croatian islands by ferries?

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