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1st Time Cruiser...well nearly, lots of questions!

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    1st Time Cruiser...well nearly, lots of questions!

    Hi all
    My first post here and I have a lot of questions. I am looking into the possibilty of booking an RCI cruise on Grandeur of the Seas in Aug, leaving from Palma. It appeals because of the ports that it calls into. I have a couple of questions & would be grateful for any help and advice.

    Approx what time can I expect to be embarking? We are looking to arrive on the morning of the cruise about 11.40.

    Do you take all your luggage onto the ship with you? I hear people talking about carry on...would it be wise to pack a small case with a change of clothes, etc assuming we have to wait for our main luggage to be delivered?

    Formal dining...do we have to? And how formal is it?

    Disembarking...would it be reasonable to book a flight leaving Palma at 12.30? I have no idea what time of day we can get off the ship and can I take all my luggage with me when I leave?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Hi PInkcat and welcome.

    You can board around 11.30am.
    Put shorts top in your hand luggage so you can get changed and enjoy the sun.
    You can dine in the main dining room or use the buffet.One formal night rest smart casual.
    Nearly everyone off ship before 9am you can take your own luggage off.

    Anything else feel free to ask.



      Hello and welcome to the forum

      Its a good time to arrive as you should be able to board straight away at that time. Just make sure you have completed and printed off your express seapass. Your main luggage will be take off you. Just make sure that after you collect your luggage from your flight that you then attach your cruise luggage labels.

      Cabins are not normally available until around 1 or 2pm, so once on board you are usually directed straight up to the Windjammer buffet for lunch, you are free to roam around the ship and make use of the facilites. So if you want to sunbathe, swim, make sure that you have packed things you will need immediately in your hand luggage, so you have it to hand.

      People do make an effort on formal night - DJ for men , cocktail or long dress for ladies, but equally a suit for men and nice trousers and sparkly top for ladies will not look too out of place. Dont be put off by the word formal, its a great experience and enjoy a good meal. If you really dont want to then you can go to the buffet.

      Your return flight time sounds fine as they will start clearing the ship at 7am, They do a speedy self disembark which you can take your own luggage off or a timed disembarkation but everyone will be off by 9.30 at the very latest. You will have a form to complete in your cabin towards the end of the cruise asking you what your arrangements are and what time you would like to disembark.

      Are you doing independant flights or a fly cruise package??? The fact that you say you should be arriving at 11.40 is ringing alarm bells with me if you are making your own flight arrangements. Booking independent flights for a cruise that leaves on same day is a dangerous position to put yourself in. Dont do it!. Always go a day early.


        Hi just to let you know there are 2 formal nights on the 7 day cruise - they are fabulous - enjoy :-)


          we were on the Grandeur in May. our flight from Prestwick was at 8.10am, arrived in Palma 12.10 (local time). we had pre booked a taxi which was waiting for us when we cleared customs. we were onboard by 1pm. there were people onboard long before us.

          you can dissembark the ship anytime from 6ish am. our flight home was 12.50 but had to leave the ship by 9am. so we sat in the waiting area till our taxi came at 10.30am as ordered.

          your cases are taken from you when you arrive at the port so we had a change of clothes, deodorant, etc in our hand luggage. our cabin was ready when we boarded. our cases arrived at our cabin a couple of hours later.

          the buffet restaurant is open for lunch from about 12md on day of embarkation.

          there are 2 formal nights in a weeks cruise. it is not a stuffy ship........dress/formal wise. just wear what you would on a night out and hubbie will have to wear a suit and tie on the 2 formal nights. however trousers and a polo shirt for him and trousers and top for the ladies on the other nights will do. it would be a shame to miss out on dining in the main dining room (MDR) for dinner. you don't have to eat in the MDR but in my book it is what cruising is all about. the buffet restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

          welcome to the forum Pinkcat and I hope you enjoy your cruise.
          don't want to work, just want to cruise.


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