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1st Cruise

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    1st Cruise

    It's our 1st cruise with Royal Carribean at the end of November - Greek Islands and Egypt. Wondering what sort of clothes to take as dn't think it's going to be very warm. Is it ok to wear jeans on daytrips? Does it get cold on the boat - will we need to take our thermal pj's?

    The weather can be pleasant at that time of year and with a bit of luck you will find you may be ok in T shirts with a light cardi or fleece. Jeans are acceptable in the day both ashore and on the ship.

    In the evenings whilst inside the ship you will not need any extra layers to keep warm. Strappy evening dresses are fine and you wont need thermal PJ's. maybe just a wrap or cover up if you go for a late night stroll on deck.


      Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy yourself here

      My tip would be for layers...

      You should be nice and reasonably warm on shore, but there's the chance of a bit of a chilly (comparatively) breeze at times, depending on exactly where you are. Layers give you the chance to strip down to a light shirt or t-shirt, but mean you can still wrap up if it does get a bit chillier..

      Jeans are fine for daytime (although I rarely take mine due to the weight - I can get 2 other pairs in the luggage for the same weight ;)) Don't forget to have something to cover up your arms/shoulders if you go ashore in Egypt, especially in temples and the like.

      On the ship, thremal PJs are not required. The ship is kept at a lovely temerature. As Bradbury has said, take a wrap/stole/light jumper for a nice evening stroll on deck - this is the time when it's likely to be coolest.

      Have fun on your cruise. Don't forget to post a review when you get back - I'm sure we'd all like to hear how you get on


        Thanks both. Info much appreciated.


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