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How Do You Get The Best Deal When Booking A Cruise?

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    How Do You Get The Best Deal When Booking A Cruise?

    Morning everyone,

    I hope you're all doing well.

    If you have a spare few minutes we're looking for your help and insight if possible for an upcoming article.

    We're trying to find out the best ways in which you can track down a great cruise deal. What tips and tricks do you have? Is it better to book as early as possible? Is it better value for money to go all inclusive? All opinions are welcome.

    Let us know by replying below how you get the best deal when you book your cruise. Please note that your answers may be used in the upcoming article that we are working on.

    Thanks in advance,

    Morning Amar
    We book early to ensure we get the cabin and the date that is our preference and this also allows my partner to get the dates into her companys holiday diary.
    Currently we have bookings up to 2021.
    It's quite simple in our case..we know where and when we want to cruise so just Google those dates and destinations from those ports that are reachable by road/train.
    Once we have decided on a price and date which suits us we then call our agent at Cruisedot and invariably she is able to price match.
    Only on one occasion has she been unable to match a cruise line price but that was because my partner gets a discount through her workplace.
    In all cases Google is your best friend.

    Hope that helps

    I haven't forgotten about Virgin Voyages yet..


      Do we want everyone to know the tricks and tips? 😂😂🤷

      use price tracker sites to watch for price drops
      don’t be swayed by marketing ploys from cruise lines
      book when the price is right for you and within your parameters
      have a fabulous cruise agent mine is Cruise dots wonderful Holly Crabtree!


        Research, Research....

        Most important be flexible, the more constraints you put on the harder it is to snag the real steals.

        Know your prices,

        Track and keep tracking after you have booked to get refunds/upgrades.
        (cruiseplum and cruisefish all the UK ones have disapeared)

        Don't get fooled by the sales, the cruise industry is worse than DFS.

        Check prices in other countries, they get different offers to the UK not always better but there might be a better combination.

        Look for packaging, cruise lines hide discount by offering cabins out at lower rate if there is flight/hotel added so the agents can hide the true cost of the cruise.

        Find sites with decent search engines(Cruise dot has a lot of catching up to do there).
        I use V2G and Iglu a lot

        Get onto every email list you can and check the incoming every day, some deals are limited availability(either real cabins or price goes up quick)
        some TAs offer price trackers and will email so look for those.

        If you see a mis price don't take too long thinking about it and book it on line don't go asking for prices from agent or the cruise line they can pull the deal


          It is reported that many are postponing decisions on holidays and other big ticket items because of the uncertainity surrounding the B word. I am in that camp.

          Wait and see plus there is no cruise I desperately want to do



            The current P&O Oceana replacement cruises are good example.

            There was a good chance there would be deals.

            As soon as the Dubai cancel happened keep your booking window open for the deals.

            These can go two ways big take up and prices go up or slow take up and they have to discount more...


              When I was booking long haul cruises up to 15/18months in advance I would always book ‘Cruise Only’ as agents have no knowledge of the flight prices as these are not published until 11 months in advance, which means of course that the agent must put a fair safety net on their offer.

              I would watch the flight prices on the day of issue and base judgement on current prices and strike when I felt it the right deal………..Wilba


                We tend not to book too far in advance. We are both retired, so when we go doesn't really matter other than that it must be at a time and to a destination which will guarantee good weather. We are not interested in out of season holidays. We can get cold, wet weather at home for nothing. We do tend to be fairly inflexible about where we go, who we sail with and the type of cabin we book ( must be a balcony). It's usually a case of using search engines to find something which fits what we want. We usually have an idea of what we're prepared to pay, although it is becoming difficult to get anything in our price bracket in view of the seemingly constantly rising prices. I will then contact a number of consultants including Cruise dot, and book with whoever gives us the best deal. We have booked with Cruise dot before, but more often than not they cannot match prices we have been given elsewhere. I do not use the Cruise dot website because, frankly, I find it to be pretty poor compared to others. For example,I have often discovered that, having found something on the Cruise dot website, or even when I have responded to a Cruise dot mailshot, the advertised price is not available.


                  We are fortunate in that we can, and do, cruise at the drop of a hat. Because of my medical history we tend not to book more than a few months ahead. We sail with Seabourn because we enjoy AI and having no credit card bill at the end of the cruise. We book on board, then with Sam at cruise dot and he has always matched other prices. We book flights through Seabourn because they seem to be able to book BA cheaper than we can, and any flight issues are then Seabourn's problem. We have had one 12 hour delay and we were well looked after. I have no reason to think we will change things in the foreseeable future.


                    We get a daily deals newsletter from one of your competitors - the one with red and yellow colouring... We then ring round several agents, including cruise.co.uk, to see what they can do for me, and also check with the line directly. We do a mixture of 'early' and 'late' bookings


                      I look for deals based on appealing itineraries.

                      We are not fussed about all inclusive and are not swayed but hidden extras. We just want a good deal for a cruise that sails from the UK, as we no longer want to fly.



                        Originally posted by Smith7 View Post
                        I look for deals based on appealing itineraries.

                        We are not fussed about all inclusive and are not swayed but hidden extras. We just want a good deal for a cruise that sails from the UK, as we no longer want to fly.
                        The question was how do you find them?


                          Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post

                          The question was how do you find them?
                          I look on cruise line websites and get lots of emails from the cruise sector.


                            I usually book in advance but as I retired on Friday, well semi retired, and hubby is self employed I will be able to book when I see a deal and an itinerary that suits and as long as none of hubbys pupils have a driving test booked I will be able to book it. However before booking I’d still shop around for the best deal, just like I do now.

                            I also keep an eye on any booked cruises to see if there’s a price drop and if there’s is I phone my TA to ask them to phone cruiseline to try and have the price dropped, sometimes it’s yes other times it’s a no. I managed to have my April Oceania cruise reduced by over £100pp.
                            don't want to work, just want to cruise.


                              Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post

                              The question was how do you find them?
                              See above - rival agent sends daily emails with up to date pricing and a navigable website


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