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PSA UK Cruise Survey 2011

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    What are your thoughts on the paying by instalments question? I wonder if this will get more passengers or keep existing passengers who are finding it difficult to save?


      Done and I don't mind admitting inclusive tips may be off putting,we like to pay as many on here have said before to staff we feel have made a difference.....as for paying in installments... no..never..our money stays put earning interest as long as possible.
      some call me Mrs Early Bird......:p

      oooo and I guess we want a badge too.
      Adventure Oct 2011,Indy Feb 2012. Allure Aug 2012.


        Originally posted by Meg50, London View Post
        I won one of the bottles of champagne last year!
        And there was me thinking you won all 10 bottles for completing the survey :D, nice to know there are 10 chances of winning though


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