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    I would opt for active adventurer although I don't mind being a loader and lounger occasionally. In port we would rather explore by ourselves, preferably on bikes if the area is suitable. We have had lots of adventures, some planned some not, quite a few involving small boats.


      I think we would be a sort of hybrid show-going destination junkie loafer; but then, that is the beauty of cruising Amar! You can do what you want when you want. I would also say that we enjoy good food and socialising.

      Take care, Helen


        Destination Junkie! love to see new places around the world , but I think most of the categories fit us, we are introducing grandkids into cruising, can't beat it, I was born to cruise.!! CG


          It seems like we have a lot of destination junkies and loafers & loungers among us! Some further questions for you below...

          Destination Junkies: Which destination have you visited that you would recommend to friends as a must?

          Loafers & Loungers: What would the ultimate lounging situation look like to you?


            Destination recommendations from me are:

            Singapore, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, Venice are just a few that come to mind, but as I always stress, spend a few days pre or post cruise at these places.

            Please don't attempt to see these places on a transfer bus, to and from the airport..............Wilba


              Hi all
              I must be the only one on this forum who has never had a bucket list,,,i am quite content poodling around the Med or the oft time to the Baltic,Adriatic,Egypt/Israel etc.

              The thought of flying for 15hrs to spend 2 nights in a far off city followed by a 7 night cruise followed by a 15 hr flight back horrifies me.
              I would spend a week on that cruise thinking of that horror flight home.

              All that travelling just to say "I've been to Sydney,New York etc" is a waste of time to me.
              That's why a WC has no appeal to me.

              And as i get older i get more and more a loafer.
              Call me a cruise 'philistine' but thats how i feel.

              C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
              "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


                My memorable ports of call are numerous but if I had to single out a few they would be Capetown, St Helena, Venice, Istanbul and St Petersburg.

                However, I love New York and have been there several times but not on a cruise ship. I would love to return to San Francisco but for a few days, so not on a cruise ship.


                  A bit difficult on the cities or ports as we’ve been to so many but Singapore/KL are at the top of the list as I know them so well, and Vancouver a close second.
                  Give me a sun lounger, optional shade, cold water or beer on tap and a great book to read when not watching the ocean...perfect.


                    I voted loafers and loungers as that's what our last couple of cruises have been about for us. Lots of rest and relaxation and even watching movies in our cabin. Never thought we'd do that lol
                    BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


                      I voted loafers and loungers too but usually we pick a cruise with some sea days to loaf & some good places to see.


                        just about to go on our first cruise , but past traveling experiences tells us we are , adventurers , i.e. afganistan , pakistan , north korea , hong kong china , egypt ,lots of times , all over north africa , most of central america , even went to the norfolk broads once , such a pain , had to drive my own boat/ship thingy there , lol


                          ah , best destinations , wow , easy for me , there is only one luxor , worked and lived there for many years , i still have a small flat there , every chance i get for a long weekend i am off there , great pubs great food , wonderful people , and the weather , oh the weather , as for loafing , my rocking chair in the back garden , roses pruned , g and t beside me(large of course) scot miriani novel in hand , happy days


                            We do not fly, that's why a world cruise attracted us, a leisurely cruise from continent to continent seeing all the places we dreamt about no rushing around and meeting likeminded people, we visited South America from tip to toe [ going through Panama Canal], the ice fields Montevideo ,Argentina Brazil land Chile not forgetting the Falklands then and sailed around the Horn

                            We went through Suez ,India , Sri Lanka Malaysia.HK and Singapore plus the South Pacific Islands Australia and NZ, a wonderful relaxing way to see all the destinations and not an airport or long flight or jet lag in sight.

                            We had hoped to one day do South Africa and Canada by ship but unfortunately it is not possible now, so yes we are definitely destination junkies. CG


                              We’ve only cruised once so far and thought we were doing it for the destinations, but have to admit that, once on board, we became loafers and loungers. Don’t get me wrong, we got off at all the ports and mostly did our own thing (mainly just getting a feel for the atmosphere of the place and a bit of souvenir shopping), but we enjoyed cruising so much that we have already booked two more for next year and I am researching for 2020. Next years’ destinations are the Caribbean for a bit more L and L and a one-way to the Med so that we can spend time in Italy before making our own way home; we haven’t decided yet whether to fly home or take a train trip. Ah, the joys of planning!


                                We definitely started off as destination junkies but I voted other as the poll didn't really cater for folk like us who definitely like to keep busy but often don't get off the ship. We are not night owls and definitely not loungers and loafers - our time on the ship is spent moving around from one activity to the next from quizzes to music acts to activities to lectures to shows ......
                                Cruising my way through life!



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