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MV Carousel - Our first cruise Ship

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    Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
    Hi all
    When i started cruising it was a choice Airtours or Thomson,,,,,i only did one Airtours land holiday (that was enough),all my foreign holidays with the kids was with Thomson.
    So it was only natural i would choose Thomson Cruises (I even joined the Thomson Founders Club)
    Island Breeze,,Sapphire,and the best,SS Topaz,,,,,every other Thomson ship followed.
    I even booked the Topaz last sailing,,,what a party that was.

    A story......
    We sailed from La Palma to Madeira one night,,,,,the worst seas i have ever experienced,there were 10 of left standing at the bar by 22:00,,,,the bar manager left use a crate of wine and a bottle of whisky (it was A/I),and all the bar staff went to bed...
    Next morning in Madeira there was the old 'Carousel'....our Caption said her Captain was a chicken,she should have sailed and passed us in the night going to La Palma,,,he made some excuse not to sail,,,,,The Topaz Captain took pride in never failing to sail,,,,,it was the Empress of Britain n an early life sailing Liverpool to Canada/US

    A great party ship was the old Topaz.
    a reputation well deserved, would go out in anything

    I have a soft spot for the Topaz, the med cruise from hell had some moments.
    A week in a storm
    they lost the door to the buffet overnight ripped off the hinges.

    one list everything not bolted down in the bar/casino went over.
    call out from the bar "don't panic it is not the Titanic"

    they got the fridge upright and continues serving.

    Every thing entertainment was cancelled a serious word with the CD to put something on worked the team(Thomson has good entertainers) got their Mp3 backing tracks out and did a this is what I like to sing show, that got some of the complainers a little calmer.

    Dinner was a challenge not often you have to eat with one hand because the other is holding the plate on the table.

    What Thomson, Airtours and later First Choice did was deliver a great packaged products they had their limitations due to the older ships the ships were buzzing with people having a good time are very reasonable prices so the shower curtain sticking to your a*** you could forgive.

    £350pppw or less AI was common in the 90/00s (that was with the flights transfers and tips/grats) no getting kicked of the ship for a late charter flight you could stay on all day.

    closest to those prices these days is MSC,COSTA,NCL packaged with discount flights but getting dinks specialty meals and tips into that pricing is getting much harder, getting change from £500pppw is a challenge.
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      As well as Airtours we also did the Thompsons ships , Emerald, and the Sapphire can anyone remember the First choice ship the Annsonia? did her from Southampton after the board of trade kept us waiting while they inspected her, yes most had portholes but some of those cabins were large and the entertainment was good got introduced to blackjack on the Emerald by our table mates and ended up a winner !!! CG


        Like apparently many others, we started on Carousel in 1999 (£299 for eight days) followed by Sunbird and Seawing.


          I met a lady the other evening who was wearing an MV Carousel logo polo shirt. It was a conversation starter and before long, we were into our favourite subject.
          My dad has still got a couple of Suncruises polo shirts we were given on the Sundream's final cruise
          BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


            Still got a couple of menus for the Arcadia ,july 1954,a tourist class menu and a gala dinner menu.and on the ships programme is says
            dancing on the first night out of southampton,and on the second night there was a meeting of passengers to elect a sports committee,so it looks if in those early days it was do it yourself job,


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