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    Originally posted by Dave, Whitstable View Post
    You want technical? How about this...

    I have a very large deck plan sheet (about 3'x3') from our voyage on Fairsea in 1964. I've scanned a small section to show how different the arrangement of cabins was back then:

    There are relatively few outside cabins. Also, toilets and showers are in communal blocks.
    It makes the tower blocks of the sixty's look like luxury flats


      Originally posted by Aplmac, Barbados View Post
      God I've been longing for a discussion
      re. the carbon content of various grades of rivets!

      There was one theory that said the Titanic disaster was caused by weak rivets (not to mention hitting an iceberg!);)
      See my cruise blog: HERE


        She once won the Blue Riband for the fastest Atlantic crossing, there is another thread on here regarding the United States. I can remember lying in bed at night when I was a child listening to the riveters working all night on the ships during the late 40's and early 50's. I also saw a film showing the riveters working and they had catchers for the rivets quite scary as the rivets were white hot.
        My husband sailed on a few of the old PO ships which took the ten pound poms out in the early 60's, the Orontes, Himalaya and the Strafnaver,I think some of them were then British India or Orient Line before they amalgamated. Some one will put me right.
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