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Has the Internet ruined cruising?

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    Maybe people don't like stilton as much as they did. I am sure there are loads of things that used to happen that don't happen know. But I still think that it doesn't put anyone out that much to ask. With regard to toiletries these were put in a bag for the ladies to keep. As for people taking home satchets of chocolate so that is why it was stopped is like saying we will provide plastic cutlery because some people take the stainless steel stuff home. Whatever is provided onboard is open to those that are that way inclined to remove, pinch, pilfer or whatever you like to call it. To not provide is a backward step. If I had to describe my ideal cruise it would provide good service, good entertainment a clean ship and polite and helpful staff. The cabin would be reasonably well appointed, dependent on the grade I had paid for and I would feel refreshed and ready to return to work after the cruise. I don't believe this is asking too much ? Companies are formed in order to make their owners and shareholders a profit and this is fair enough, but to penny pinch will only put their clients off. We, unless you are very fortunate are all feeling the effects of the downturn, perhaps we expect too much for what we pay. But then we will compare and if the package we are presented with is better on one cruise line than another it would be foolish to resist a change.


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