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What did you bring home from your cruise?

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    We are pretty mundane its just a fridge magnet from each port. Will need a bigger fridge soon


      Richard - what a smoothie and a romantic to boot. Brilliant.

      I've got wonderful memories of our cruises. These are enhanced with the various photographs taken on each cruise.



        Originally posted by morris, st. columb View Post
        ....and there was me thinking it was a bird table !!!!! Oh dear !!

        The only thing I always bring back is a chesty cough...have tried everything ...wet towels in cabin, balcony door open, balcony door closed, olbas oil to inhale....nothing seems to prevent it.
        Try going to the ships doctor for some get well stuff. The cost of this alone will make you feel so much better !!!!



          p.s. that was a very romantic gesture, richard, major brownie points from all females of the species!
          your wife now has the right to reply about points deducted...


            not from a cruise but in Nepal my OH got his eye on a 4ft carved dragon. Had to wrap it in a blanket and it cost £40 to bring it on the plane. At the time I thought he was mad but it does look nice in the sun lounge.


              Guide books from the places we visit on excursions. The logic being they will be useful to pass winter's evenings/if we go back. Problem is, I can never find them when I want to!


                I always bring home a little something for my Christmas tree. Not a trad. decoration, but a quirky reminder of our holiday ie a key ring, restrung and put on the tree or a 'designer' plastic mini pink prawn from Key West etc etc.

                Tasteful my tree...isn't!


                  Great story and typical of you Richard!
                  The only thing I brought back from a cruise was a large bill!!!!
                  CANBERRA (STUFT) May 1982
                  OCEANA 7-21 Aug 2010
                  VENTURA 4-19 Nov 2011
                  VENTURA Feb 2014


                    We are pretty selective as to what we bring home from anywhere, not just a cruise.

                    What looks wonderful in its proper environment can look out of place on a dull day in the UK.

                    Nevertheless, we have some lovely reminders of our travels on the walls of our conservatory; walls are getting rather full, but still room for a few more, so we shall have to be even more selective in future.

                    Amongst our favourites are a Maori carving from NZ, (had one bought for us by offspring on their gap year so were delighted to visit the same place and add another), a small, but beautifully carved, elephant's head from India and a charming painting from KL. All were relatively inexpensive but we liked them, and our criteria for purchase is just that.........if we would regret not buying the item,then that tells us that we must!


                      Well well well, I cannot believe you are an old romantic,

                      The one thing I remember my dear husband buying whilst on a fly cruise was a Ship exactly the same size as my suitcase, so.. the ship went in and guess what he tried to do with my clothes yes, he tried to throw them away

                      we did have to throw his socks and undies away to get the ship inside but here we are, 10 years later and we still have it (and the husband)



                        Walking through the photo gallery on Ventura, I saw one of those photos printed on canvas....the ship is moored off Grand Turk, and there's a wooden pier, with water splashing through the struts, rather like it does with the little pier outside our house (though we rarely see turquoise water...). The colours are beautiful, and I remarked that the picture would look better on the wall behind my computer, rather than the very amateur one of NCL Jade.
                        My non-gambling husband enters into everything when he's on board, and came back beaming from a Bingo session.....he'd won £59, and had checked out the price of the picture----£100- but they gave him a special bingo price instead....
                        Again, as a non-gambler, he won the poker the next night, and bingo again....
                        Getting the picture off the ship was difficult, as we self-disembark, and the collapsible handle on my suitcase had been broken on embarking- so I staggered off the ship clutching the suitcase by one corner, with a 4 foot long picture-beautifully wrapped-under my arm.
                        And there it sits, just above my screen as I write.
                        Last edited by Jocap, Cumbria; 22nd August 2011, 10:50 PM. Reason: late night....


                          An 8 foot carved wooden giraffe that is now a coat stand - from South Africa (2002)

                          A four foot Terracotta Warrior from Xi'an (2002) - madness! It weighs 25kgs - Those were the days when luggage allowance was whatever you wanted it to be!

                          A scorpion sting from Stellenbosch (2006) - scary moment!


                            I wanted to bring my cabin steward back. He kept our cabin so clean and tidy that I would love to have him look after my house.


                              Excellent present!
                              Lancashire Cunarder


                                Richard of Arabia?

                                Originally posted by cornish girl, falmouth View Post
                                Hi Richard, mine is not as glamorous as yours, we had an unexpected wait at Port said, and the stall holders etc appeared form nowhere,after a while we were allowed to visit these stalls I bought two little wooden carved tables with camel's heads, to hold the round tops. I was so pleased with them. CG

                                Talking of camels Cornish Girl, on the same cruise we stopped at Sharm El Sheikh. Having been there many times before on diving trips it was for us a purely social visit, particularly the 'Happy Three Hours' at the Hilton, Naama Bay beach bar.

                                Anyway, at some stage the 'Sakara' took over and on a last minute shop one Grandchild won Colin the Camel...

                                ...suitably disguised I may add.


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