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What about the destinations?

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  • Alan, Sheffield
    started a topic What about the destinations?

    What about the destinations?

    We are out of Barbados 20 Feb Sea Princess and may have missed some relevent posts. I have read plenty of comments on these forums about the ships, the tips, the drinks etc etc - all very interesting and helpful but am I right in thinking there aren't many comments/recommendations regarding things/places/activities definitely not to be missed those that definitely SHOULD be missed? Anyone like to stick their neck out? I noted the one about Dominica on a Sunday (that's our day)

  • SandieA, Torbay
    Hi - explore this site a little more. Under the review section you will find Ports of Call, incuding the Princess Port Guides.
    On the main or home page you can click on Destinations - the ports are listed alphabetically - then there is the Gallery section with loads of photos.

    Its all out there - have fun finding what you are after and, if you can't - just ask. Someone will be willing to try and answer any question you may have.

    Enjoy your cruise in February - envey you leaving the cold and the rain behind........if only for a short while.

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