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Another Adult Only Ship

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    Another Adult Only Ship

    I see that the latest ship to Tui/Marella/Thomson is to be adult only.
    Far from dying out, as I once saw predicted, the adult only cruise lines seem to be growing.
    At one time I could have said 3 P&O, 1 or 2 C&M, Saga and the occasional Fred O and Thomson cruise.
    But now, with the addition of Virgin, which will be for 18+, there seems to be quite a lot around- I think C&M are up to 5 ships now?
    Have I missed any?

    Do you not think it is a direct result of the increasing popularity of family cruises. Go back 20 years and there was little need for adult only ships because cruising was essentially an adult domain. Interestingly C&M are introducing a few "family" cruises so that gran and grandad can take the grandchildren away in the Summer holidays. I have no idea how they cater for the kids but I doubt we will be seeing a flowrider on Marco Polo any time soon.


      Originally posted by Jocap, Cumbria View Post
      Far from dying out, as I once saw predicted, the adult only cruise lines seem to be growing.
      Jo, I suppose adults-only is the 'antidote' the numerous floating resorts being built each year carrying some 5,000+ passengers.

      There are now many ocean ships with both options on offer, which is nice.

      Don't forget River Cruising is also another adults only option.
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