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Absolutely gutted but thank you Holly

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    Absolutely gutted but thank you Holly

    In June last year whilst on Explorer we booked for Harmony for this October. 16 months in advance a cracking deal and 16 months to get excited and look forward to it.

    Mother in Law was on a waiting list to go and have a quadruple bypass but had been told she would be in by October last year. 5 cancelled dates later she finally had her operation last month. Due to complications she is still in now.

    My father in law whilst visiting her in hospital with my husband, collapsed and end up on the same cardiac ward. He spent 3 weeks in hospital and was discharged back into our care on Tuesday.

    There is no way in the world they will both be well enough in 8 weeks to be left for ten days. So we've had to take the difficult decision to cancel. We'd paid final balance but were luckily still in loss of deposit stage until today.
    So our cruise money will be returned but we've lost all our money for our non refundable train travel.

    I very much doubt our insurance will cover us as their conditions are pre existing. Neither would I go without my hubby.

    Im not quite ready to delete my fab Harmony spreadsheet yet but I was upset when I had an email from Royal cancelling all of our entertainment.

    Holly has has been brilliant so thank you holly and thank you cruise dot.

    We are currently having the most stressful year ever and cannot wait for it to finish.

    Oh to go on a cruise ....... 😢

    I feel for you, there are times when you think nothing is going right and of course our families take priority. When we had issues this year John Campion at cruise dot was really good and sorted all sorts of problems for us which was a huge help.

    Have you explained the illness to the train company, would they allow you to change the booking or hold the money till you are ready to use it?

    Just remember this time will pass and then you can have a well deserved cruise and be glad you were there when the family needed you most.

    Carol x


      Oh no, your having no luck at all are you I hope both parents make a speedy recovery and you can get away soon.............Carol


        Such a difficult situation. I hope things get easier soon and your in-laws get back on their feet quickly...

        I think you're due a whole bunch of cruises once it's over! Perhaps 2017 will be a year to really look forward to!
        Duncan S

        See my blog!


          I really feel for you at this awful time but you have made the right decision to cancel. I hope things steadily improve and that you can take a well deserved cruise in the near future.
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          Queen Victoria
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            It's such a shame but you've made the right choice. I hope your parents make a full recovery and you will be able to book your much needed cruise.
            don't want to work, just want to cruise.


              What a shame, these things happen and there's nothing else you could have done really. At the other end of the spectrum, you have your little granddaughter to ease the stress somewhat!


                It's a shame about your cruise but I know exactly what you are going through and we a conversation today about whether or not to cancel our trip that is due two weeks today. I still don't know what we are going to do.
                Dad was taken in hospital five weeks ago whilst I was on the forum cruise, with an infection. That has cleared up but he's still in an acute ward as he's declining in other ways. Mum has been staying with my brother all that time until Wednesday. Unfortunately she fell in the middle of the night back in their own place and has broken her shoulder......it never rains.....and at a family/hospital meeting today, we were advised Dad may have to go into a nursing home. That's after their home has just been adapted for him. It's rubbish and I sometimes hate being a grown up!
                I'm lucky to have a brother and my sister nearby but it's still really difficult.
                I hope your in laws are on the mend and recover well Hawkinsmg. You'll get on that cruise sooner or later xx
                BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


                  Thank you for all of your lovely messages. Big sis I totally feel your pain.
                  Victoria yes you are correct, she is literally the only light in a very dark tunnel this year. I'm up so early because she's having her early morning bottle which I'm doing as my daughter had a late night with her.
                  With my aunt dying in June and the breakdown of my daughters relationship and now this with the in laws it really is a case of family now and nothing else matters.
                  Hug the ones you love xx


                    You have my thoughts and sympathy, there is nothing worse than seeing loved ones sick and in pain and to have so much going on at once makes things even harder for you, my sister has a difficult few years and it has impacted on her health, please try and ensure that through all this you look after yourself.


                      I had the same choice with my wife,waiting for an operation to clear a blocked artery , a no brainer for me ,family first, She did not need to risk having another stroke.
                      I do hope your parents ,and your year picks up ,and you never know the insurance may cover some of your lost money....Taffy


                        Bigsis, it sounds as though it isn't just down to you with a brother and sister also helping. The question is, if you go will you be able to relax and enjoy yourself or spend the time worrying and feeling guilty(I am not suggesting you should.)?

                        It is worth just making a phone call to the cruise line and explaining the situation and ask if it is possible to transfer the booking. We did that earlier in the year and they were really helpful. We had to book something sailing within 12 months and slightly more expensive. Worth a try, they can only say no...Carol


                          It is tough when there are older members of the family to care for and worry about.

                          My dad is nearing 94, and I had a few months with many problems at the beginning of this year. Fortunately he has stabilised, but still needs looking after. I had to phone and complain about his carers yesterday.

                          It is disappointing to have to cancel a cruise, but sadly unavoidable. Those of us with very elderly parents aren't exactly young ourselves.

                          Take care of yourselves, and there will be other things to look forward to.
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                            Hi Hawkinsmsg and Sis

                            Thinking of both of you but alas I can add very little to what has been said previously.

                            I have friends, 2 only children, who have been in similar situations and ended up hospitalised because they did not take sufficient care of themselves. I have no first hand experience as my parents died when I was much younger.

                            Holidays just have to placed on temporary hold. Where would you rather be ?

                            Take care both of you - we are all thinking about you. You can't help anyone if you are not fit yourself - boringly, healthy diet, walks and as much sleep as you can is the order of the day.

                            How is your granddaughter?



                              So sorry to hear you're having this difficult time but you have made the right decision for the right reasons. I truly hope that the situation with your in-laws improves in the near future and like others have already said take good care of yourself. x


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