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Your Favourite Bar & Drink?

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    Your Favourite Bar & Drink?

    With the wealth of experience across lots of different ships on this forum, I thought it would be interesting to find out what everyone's favourite bars and lounges are across these different ships... and does anyone have a favourite drink?

    My Favourite Bar

    I love to relax in a lounge with great sea views, and prefer to be high up at the front of the ship. My favourite overall would have to be the Commodore Club on Queen Mary 2 (and the other Cunard ships, but I've only sailed on QM2). With beautiful views across the bow, this dark and intimate lounge also offers great service and some comfortable places to sit.

    In a similar vein, the Sky Observation Lounge on Celebrity Eclipse is also a firm favourite, though on my recently Eclipse cruise I found the drinks service to be pretty terrible there. The other issue you have is that they seem to close the lounge at a moments notice for private functions.

    In third place would have to be Two70º on Anthem of the Seas. It doesn't have forward-facing views, and it isn't on a high deck, but it's hard to argue that you don't have a great view of the ocean!

    My Favourite Drink

    This is a much harder question, as I don't tend to just stick to one drink while cruising. I am partial to some classic drinks like the Long Island Ice Tea and the Amaretto Sour, both of which I'm likely to have as a default option when I can't make my mind up and are available everywhere. The Amaretto Sour must be prepared with a glacé cherry as a garnish to be perfect!

    I also enjoyed, on the recommendation of Solent Richard (or his lovely wife, I forget which) the chocolate martini available at the Martini Bar on Solstice-class ships. That's very delicious, but also rather indulgent so I can't have more than one!

    So what about you? Give me your favourite bars and drinks - I'm always looking for inspiration and to try something new!
    Duncan S

    See my blog!

    The Commodore Club On QE, Pint for me Or Whisky and ginger.Wine or Kir Royal for Mrs T

    Sky lounge On Eclipse for the CC cocktail meeting fellow members Kir Royal for her Whisky and ginger for me.

    The Glass house on Azura Nicest pint of Bodingtons draught after a hot day in the Caribbean or both enjoying a nice glass of wine...Taffy

    Can drink the Cocktails but not by choice??


      Outdoors we like the one on ships with open stern and shade,

      Great outdoors on NCL Jewel class, raffles terrace NCL spirit as are the aft area on Azamara ships.
      Also handy for snacks the buffets are right there.

      Some ships have outdoor bar that is higher up and overlooks the pool area often use those as long as there is some shade.

      Late night I really like the NCL Spirit Maharini's the ship was build for Asia and retains some of the charm, probably the inspiration for the Bliss lounges on the Jewel class ships.

      Molecular on Silhouette was a fav spot for 12nights got through the current menu the old menu and some specials, the girls running the bar on that trip were the best and there was always a good atmosphere when a few people rolled up, even when on my own we had a good laugh(now those bars are gone it will have to remain a memory).

      More recently the NCL Escape Haven bar was great as the mixologist was a proper one and could do just about anything as long as they had the stuff(stocked stuff not on the rest of the ship and made his own infusions) that became a regular stop on the crossing.
      HE even made drinks the OH liked from a mini Q&A

      if looking for solitude often a high up bar with sea views quite a few ships have those but often the rooms are multi functional so at time will not be that quiet.

      Any ship that has a Pub I do tend to gravitate towards those as long as they get atmosphere.
      RCI promenade pubs can be great for a beer and a people watch for an hour on a sea day afternoon.

      As the staff rotate a place you found great on one trip can have a very different feel on another trip.

      Always on the lookout for good beer choices, some ships have got a much better choice than others.
      Wine never that fussed.
      Spirits have migrated towards vodka martinis(touched by add ins not drowned)
      Cocktails the fall back is a Frozen Margarita but on some ships the mix they use is not that nice so can be pot luck, if you find a good bartender they will make up their own.
      Also a bit partial to Morning Bloody Mary.

      A lot of really nice drinks that taste great are just too sweet as a full one, that's where Molecular was great small portions and you could mix up the sweeter ones with something a bit sour/bitter/spicy.

      LIIT is a back up but even some get that wrong.

      One of the benefits of the packages is you can try anything if you have narrow like list because of the od failure in the past.

      Many will have been round the block a few times so are past their try anything days.


        Gary Rhodes had an excellent restaurant on some P.O. ships (I think it was Arcadia) we once had an excellent meal which was paired with different wines including a chocolate wine, which was actually not as bad as it sounds, but this was changed to Marco Pierre White and while there is nothing wrong with Marco we much preferred Gary Rhodes.
        Also enjoyed The Glass House on Azura for an excellent lunch and each night I tried a different wine on Olly Smiths recommendation list, this was enjoyable and also fun.
        Our favourire bar is Cafe Corinthea on QE for a mid morning coffee also a nice pre dinner glass of wine.
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          Any that sells lager.
          I'm not a fussy drinker apart from who I drink with.



            Used to be the Sky Bar on Seabourn Spirit. Now The Club, with excellent live music in the evenings.

            I love a decent piña colada in the afternoon, but I tend to default to a Mai tai in the evening. I like to try different cocktails (how else do I get to know what I like) and I trust my favourite bartender - Juan Carlos, if your ever on Seabourn and meet him. On our last crossing, my friend asked what I was drinking and Juan joked, "In four and a half years, Mrs Cooke has never known what she's drinking". Honestly, that's only half true!


              Anywhere outside and warm with a sea view.

              As to what to drink, that's fairly easy as I don't drink beer/lager or cocktails and only an occasional G&T, but a decent red wine, good conversation and good company and I am happy.


                I'll go with the good company first, venue second.
                Pre-dinner, gin and tonic. Post dinner, a decent glass of 'tea' [heavy on the lime].
                Or two.
                My lime heavy penchant is known on my favourite ship.


                  Gaudi bar on MSC Fantasia is lovely, quiet at the back of the boat.

                  Drink wise i think it has to be Strawberry Daiquiri


                    My drinks change with the time of day, Brandy Coffee at elevenses, White Wine at lunch, Beer in the afternoon sun, Red Wine with dinner, Cocktails and Baileys before bed.

                    As for a favourite bar, I don't really have one. Been in most of those aforementioned plus Michaels on Celebrity, but it's down to the company and/or the entertainment on offer..........Wilba


                      We always have a nightcap in the Commodore Club on QM2, QV, or QE. My OH prefers a Whiskie or a martini but my nightcap is hot chocolate with brandy. Looking out to sea with gentle piano music playing in the background is the perfect way to end the day and look forward to tomorrow.
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                      Queen Mary 2
                      Queen Victoria
                      Queen Elizabeth


                        We are not fans of sitting in bars so don't have a favourite. We do sometimes enjoy a pre- dinner G & T though and I like red wine with dinner.


                          Originally posted by Happy, Wolverhampton View Post
                          We always have a nightcap in the Commodore Club on QM2, QV, or QE. My OH prefers a Whiskie or a martini but my nightcap is hot chocolate with brandy. Looking out to sea with gentle piano music playing in the background is the perfect way to end the day and look forward to tomorrow.
                          Brandy with hot chocolate sounds interesting, think I am going to give that a try.


                            Originally posted by seafarer, Lancs View Post
                            Brandy with hot chocolate sounds interesting, think I am going to give that a try.
                            My in laws have that as a mid morning drink.


                              A margarita (with salted rim) in the Crows Nest about 6pm, usually the first strong one of the day.


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