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Food Fight! Dynamic vs Freestyle Dining

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    Food Fight! Dynamic vs Freestyle Dining

    It seems that Royal Caribbean have hopped onto the cruising bandwagon that Norwegian Cruise Lines initiated back in 2000 with the Freestyle Dining option and have said a fond farewell to the traditional dining that their cruisers have been used to until now.
    Whilst the concept of Dynamic Dining isn’t fleet-wide (yet), it is something that both the Quantum-class ships,and the Oasis of the Seas are currently launching, with hope for it to spread to Allure of the Seas (likely during her stint in dry docks in spring 2015) and possibly beyond in time.
    Both of these cruising giants are offering a dining experience that provides the utmost in flexibility and control.

    Read the full article here!

    I don't actually mind whether a ship has 'freedom' dining or set sittings. If the food is good and the service is polite and efficient, I'm happy and don't see what the fuss is about.


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