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A "Comfort" Cruise.

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    Originally posted by Happy, Wolverhampton View Post
    I find any cruise a comfort but a cruise to the fjords is the most breathtaking and relaxing of all. Looking forward to going again in August 2015.
    Agree with you indeed. So refreshing and scenic.


      Another vote for the Fjords here, preferably on QM2..


        Originally posted by Jocap, Cumbria View Post
        A few years ago, we booked a "filler" cruise for just a week round the Bay of Biscay, on Ventura....nothing special, but cruise dot happened to mention that there was a great price for last minute bookings. Sadly, just before we joined, something awful happened in our lives, and we had to decide quickly whether to continue or cancel- we continued, and it was the best thing we could have done. We already knew the ship; the destinations were easy to do, and the whole cruise felt like being in a comfortable home. We were also able to talk to friends on this forum, which was worth every penny!
        We have various friends suffering with grief, loneliness and ill health. One person immediately thinks of going back to a Fred Olsen cruise, her earliest cruise line, for comfort; another with a health problem has chosen the ease of the fjords, where much of the time can be spent on deck looking at the scenery, and a widowed friend fancies a TA on the Queen Mary 2 for a touch of luxury.
        What would be your comfort cruise- your time away from problems or illness, and fairly hassle free?
        In the last week of my husbands life he asked me to take the family on the Boudicca and have some of his ashes scattered in the Baltic
        Fred Olsen were great and made or cruise very special, they also helped me book the cruise to the Black Sea which I am going on next week. It was one we had often talked about going on. Everyone may have their own reasons for going somewhere that will bring them comfort whether it is on a cruise or on land, memories are something most of us hold dear
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          Thinking about you Carol. Take care. Mary x


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