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Adonia: Watt type of amps does her volts have?

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    Adonia: Watt type of amps does her volts have?

    Hello there, everyone!

    First of all can I just say that hubby & I are a tad mixed up on our wishlist of cruising. We've cruised on big ships such as Azura & Ventura and loved them, so it was with eager anticipation that we've waited for the booking to open for their even bigger sister, Britannia in 2015. And we've just booked a cruise!!! And it's on.......... the little tiddler of the fleet known as Adonia. (Talk about chalk 'n' cheese!)

    Anyhow, we're both really excited and the cruise countdown clock is set on the computer and ticking down (even though it's an absolute age away, it matters not to us).

    The lovely thing is that we've never cruised on her before, so she's a completely new experience for us. Cruisedot were kind enough to give us a ship visit to see her a few years ago and I remember that the hairdryers in the cabins were those fixed-on-the-wall types with the long vacuum cleaner tube - totally useless herberts when it comes to trying to tame my unruly tresses! So, I'm going to take my own blow dryer/styler.

    Question is, what (watt) type of electricity is she running on? If I get mixed up and set the switch on my little travel hairdryer to the wrong setting, I'll probably fry the little thing alive... Does she have the super powerful UK type of electricity or the half baked wimpy US stuff? As you can see, I passed my Physics 'O' Level with flying colours (not!) The exam question "Describe how to build an electric motor..." had me staring out of the window watching the butterflies. So I'd appreciate if you could please pitch your answers at my level of expertise. Thanks ever so, everyone. x

    According to this page on P&O's website, Adonia has standard 3-pin UK sockets with a 220V supply. Your hairdryer should work fine, as confirmed by this other P&O Q&A page.

    So exciting that you've got a cruise booked. Enjoy the countdown and have a fabulous time Where are you sailing to?
    Duncan S

    See my blog!


      Cheers for that, Duncan! The less that I have to play around with adapters etc the better! haha

      We're going to be cruising the smaller & possibly less visited Caribbean islands that Adonia can happily get to... such as Tobago, Bequia, Mayreau, Guadalope & Martinique. To say that we're excited is an understatement!


        FYI all British ships - 220V while American ships like Celebrity, RCI, Princess, etc will be 110V. You'll may have to ask for an adapter.


          Originally posted by antalismy, UK View Post
          FYI all British ships - 220V while American ships like Celebrity, RCI, Princess, etc will be 110V. You'll may have to ask for an adapter.

          There are VERY few ships that are 110v only, most have 220v in the cabin using Schuko sockets.



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