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cruising with diabetes

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  • littlerich, cleckheaton
    started a topic cruising with diabetes

    cruising with diabetes

    my wife has just had to go on insulin and has to inject 10 minutes before a meal so will be a problem for evening meals any one got any advice

  • Issyalex, Glasgow
    your cabin should have a fridge to store your wife's insulin. she will learn to inject discreetly and will be able to do this at the table without anyone noticing as most insulin syringes are in the form of a pen and the needle is very small. most cruise lines have a 'sugar free' dessert choice every night as well as sugar free ice cream so she will not feel different by not having a dessert.

    she should make an appointment with her diabetic nurse or practice nurse to discuss any worries she has eg is injecting insulin 10mins prior to eating a strict rule, what can she eat and when etc.

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  • tenpin, Basingstoke
    I have cruised with a friend who is insulin dependent, and she injected at the table without any embarrassment and once the waiter knew she made sure her meals were not held up.

    As Debc has said just tell Maitre D' and usually they will ensure you are well looked after.

    Have a great cruise your wife will be fine and well looked after.

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  • Debc, Birmingham
    Cruising with diabetes

    Hi! I have been an insulin dependent diabetic since 1994, and cruising has never been a problem although I do remember how stressed out I was when I first started onto insulin! The level of flexibility you have with the timings of insulin depends on which brand you take and whether you alter your doses to reflect what you are eating. I recommend the DAFNE training programme which equips you with the knowledge to eat whatever you want, and adjust the insulin accordingly. Total flexibility! If you are taking a set dosage your best bet is to talk to a diabetes specialist nurse (if you have access to one), and discuss the issue. It may well be that your insulin is OK to be taken when the meal arrives; if not, remember that meals generally arrive quite quickly so I would inject after ordering. Unless you are running with very low sugar levels, a few extra minutes delay shouldn't make a difference.

    Depending on the cruise line, you may well find that the Maitre 'D will approach you with the following evening's menu to discuss 'suitable' choices for diabetics which might be useful to you in the early stages. I don't bother now!

    When you book your cruise remember to ask for a fridge for your insulin if there isn't one normally, and a sharps box.

    Have a brilliant time on your holiday!

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