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Strange Surveys

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    Strange Surveys

    Hi Everyone

    Over the last year I have had numerous surveys from different cruise lines. Mainly same sort of thing, age, who you have cruised with, things you like etc. Sometimes I fill them in, sometimes not, but I have just had one from Celebrity who seemed more interested on what I earn, and my family as a whole.

    I did chuckle, one of the questions was the combined total of my household annually and the amounts started at £99,000

    I'm obviously in the wrong household, I guess I'm not rich enough to sail with Celebrity any more (I didn't fill it in by the way)

    Have you had any strange surveys? .................................................C arol

    Loads of them but they mostly go in the bin. Only surveys I take the time to complete are for on line chat / credit card / banking enquiries . My son (who works for a bank) told me to do them as they are very important to the staff that engage with you. They are judged by the comments, which are generally fed back to them.


      We do fill out the odd survey, but as soon as they start delving into your income etc we stop and bin them. I can’t tell you how many post holiday surveys have ended up in the bin once we see where it’s heading. How you enjoy your holiday should be the start and end of it, not how much you can be gouged for the next time you book with that company.

      Take care and stay well. Helen


        I do at least one survey every day. I collect points, and points often mean Amazon codes or even cash.
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          I do yougov.uk surveys every couple of weeks. One of my daughters got me doing it years ago in order to amass points. You can save enough to get either cash, vouchers or put the points into a draw.

          Many of the surveys are repetitive and inane, which I ignore. I only do them if it's something that interests me.


            Just done one a couple of days ago for Celebrity - all seemed to be aimed at would I choose a cabin if it had enhanced spa toiletries, if I had special access to the spa, etc etc. all of which got a negative answer from me as those type of things really dont interest me. But the questions annoyed me because there was no option to say 'not interested' and I hate surveys where the answer options are restrictive, you cant pass over the question without choosing an option when really none of the options for me are appropriate.


              I've completed the odd Yougov ones and feedback about products I've ordered or services used. Haven't done a cruise one for ages. Probably because we haven't cruised for quite a while.
              I find lots of surveys are very badly designed as frequently they have questions that don't apply even after you've given them relevant information to the question.


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