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What is the single thing you are missing most?

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    We have been very fortunate in being able to see our family even when it was socially distanced. We’ve missed being able to see friends, having meals out every so often or seeing a live performance in a theatre. I think cruising will feel very exciting again once we are able to go on one, providing everyone has been vaccinated against Covid. Little things like being able to go shopping in Manchester will seem like a treat as it has been so long since I was able to head into town. I know people do most of their shopping online these days, but I still enjoy finding a bargain on my travels or being able to try on a dress that looks good on me (a monumental task at times 😆), not to mention other articles of attire that aren’t on show but which are absolutely necessary. 😊

    Most of all, I miss being able to give people a hug when they need it.

    Take care and stay well. Helen


      Originally posted by Smith7 View Post

      Like others, I thought you meant cruising. In fact, I would forgo any cruise at the moment just to be with my family.
      I did mean cruising. See the first line of my post.

      There are only so many title characters that will show on the summary listing and even my abbreviated title is not showing completely.

      Remembering back to my school days, many, many years ago, teachers would always say "Read the question in full before attempting to answer it." but not to worry, all replies welcome.


        Originally posted by mike, lanarkshire View Post
        Travelling to the port, boarding, experiencing a new ship, eating in the speciality restaurants, lounge atmosphere (excludes Celebrity of course) , drinking cocktails, meeting new cruisers, getting off at ports. Sorry that’s more than one but I can’t help myself.
        My sentiments exactly!


          Maybe it's because just about everything we enjoy has been cancelled or curtailed but I haven't missed cruising as much as I thought I would. I suppose I miss the planning as much as anything. In the last few years we have often combined our cruises with land based breaks and I've always enjoyed researching the various combinations.
          Logic will get you from A to B.
          Imagination will take you everywhere.


            Originally posted by PeterM, Southwell View Post
            Just miss the everyday things we used to take for granted. Grandkids, golf, going out for a meal, etc. Cruising is a long way down the list to be honest. Let's face it, holidays in general take up only a few weeks a year. I'd happily never go on holiday again if it meant I could enjoy the rest of my life as I used to.
            Got it in one, have enjoyed lots of travel both work and holidays, seen and experienced almost all I want to and it would not bother me if I never sat on an aeroplane again, we have 2 trips this year on Viking, both "free" if they happen great, if not so be it. Due to go to Turkey in May for golf, same we have mentally written of the cost of that one

            I would like my old 2019 day to day life back



              Another cruise cancelled this week ,only December Queen Mary left in a very empty diary . Holidays in general slipping down my priorities. Our daughter and family live in Madrid,speak most days but haven't seen them for 15 months. Would love to snuggle into my little grandsons mass of blonde curls.


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