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How long could you do a Digital Detox for??

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    I have one provided by work, so no need for any of the latest models or any contract. As with most others I use my phone everyday and very often, all the usual groups, Whatsapp, FB, messenger, Skype, games. Plus all the work info incl. email, calendar, Teams, spreadsheets, bespoke company apps. As it is a work contract all the family use it as a hotspot, and the OH uses it when shopping (shop and scan).
    Since the lockdown I also have a whole collection of food and drink apps for ordering and payment, plus Google pay as it is far easier than getting a card out my wallet every time to pay...... especially with motorbike clothing on.

    Whatever they come up with next year, what ever dry, or detox idea floating around I will not be taking part. I plan on making up for a lost year.


      With things the way they are, there is no way I would do a digital detox in January. I need it to keep in touch with people I can't see now .........................................Carol


        Not interested in Facebook, Twitter etc but I have found WhatsApp useful to keep in touch over the last few months with groups of friends and volunteers much easier than email and I can use it on the laptop or phone. The laptop is really useful for shopping online it saves a lot of time and often money too. Beginning to wonder why I ever went shopping as you seem to spend more than you do online, apart from the fabric I seem to regularly purchase since shielding.

        Don't use the phone for email or websites I find the text too small and how people watch films or TV on a phone I have no idea, it's awful! I have never enjoyed reading e-books but the phone is great for listening to audio books while ironing, knitting or sewing and the library has plenty of free ones to borrow. Have to admit the phone is handy to have for security if you're driving or travelling alone.

        I think older people are more particular about what they use the technology for, it has to suit your lifestyle and you tend to make it work for you. Younger people seem to use more social media stuff and I keep telling my grandchildren they don't control the phone, their phones are controlling them but they can't seem to grasp the concept they are so used to having those phones with them all the time.
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          Originally posted by smtcan, Scarborough View Post
          We both use our smartphones for calls, texts and other messagiing, checking prices etc before and during shopping (back when we could go to shops), Technology allows me to keep in touch with family. We were talking the other day about how we had to pay by the minute for long distance calls. Now we can use FaceTime or Whatsapp to talk to family in Uk, Germany and US without any additional charges above our monthly internet contract, and make nationwide phone calls for one phone charge. Our TV isn't smart, but we can stream content on it from our phones or iPads.
          Now that we are in lockdown I couldn't do without my technology, I would miss my Zoom meetings with my book club, craft group and Friday Happy hour group (bring your own wine!), not to mention the time I spend doing Genealogy research online. No digital detox for me.

          I use Zoom on a weekly basis to sing with my choir. It's quite amusing because our choir leader has to mute us all when she starts the music for each song, As anyone who uses Zoom will know, the slight delay in transmission means that mass singing is never in sync. therefore I can only here my own voice. We chat in between times though, it keeps the choir going and singing is a feel good activity.
          My niece used Zoom on Boxing Day to set up a family quiz which was great fun. The wine was flowing and the laughter was audible throughout.
          If I even considered a digital free month, I wouldn't be able to be part of the choir, have video chats with my family or see my grandsons, which during this pandemic especially, has been a massive asset.



            Tech was my job so tended to avoid at home limiting to pc email.

            Now have phone laptop pc and other stuff.

            Social media is limited to a few forums only a couple are where I am known the rest are anonymous.
            Some are mainly for research/interest area rather than social.

            WhatsApp is the main communication platform for family friends but looking at the various conference options like zoom and Google to improve the experience.

            My Facebook account is fake name and used mainly for our extended cruise group.
            Occasionally I do chack out what an extended group are upto.

            I am lucky that my eyes can see small text with a decent phone with higher resolution screen and good pixel count it can be very clear and Video/TV can be very good quality as well.

            You do need to spend a bit more to get something decent to budget £100+ some creep under in the sales.

            Our phones are on 3 Payg which is dirt cheap and great for travel as roaming data is cheap in a lot of countries.

            When away from home I detox from the daily activities to an extent, if on data mainly restricted to WhatsApp.

            When on a cruise dabble when ashore and there is WiFi.
            On ship I nurse my limited free WiFi and might use some data if in range.

            Still carry the phone as that is my camera and many ships are running intranet for the ships services, dailies, bookings and some offer chat options for keeping in touch with other guests which handy if like us we run different schedules/activities.
            My OH can find me without having to check multiple bars.


              [QUOTE=cruisewidower, pontefract;n1389867]
              Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post
              2nd attempt first attempt unapproved

              I have been embracing the digital age for many years and have no wish for a Digital Detox in January or any time soon.

              Hi Delboy..I'm exhausted just reading about your digital life....I admire your commitment and skill level though Regards Stan. It does sound like an addiction though ....have you never considered a detox just to test your strength of character .I do posses a few old model phones which May has handed down to me. She gets a phone given to her every year it seems, handed down by her 3 daughters who are either in the police, married to policemen or both and they seem to get the latest model every year.
              Hope they're not dodgy knock-offs from the evidence store!

              Only joking.


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