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When Was Your Last Cruise

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    When lockdown UK began! On Queen Victoria when the itinerary stopped and we headed back, arriving a week after all stopped here.


      Originally posted by annie, Glasgow View Post

      You are correct - it is the planning I miss

      I said after my last cruise, time for a break from cruising for a year or two.

      My short cruising history is dominated with long cruises (17 days or longer) combined with land trips at each end. Often, trains and boats and planes etc

      I am really struggling to find an appealing itinerary for 2021. I suspect many cruises in 2021 will be circa 7 days. Possibly no cruising for me until 2022..

      1st world problem.

      You forgot to mention your last cruise.


        My husband and I did a Northern Lights cruise later November. We had a cruise cancelled we were going on in June, one cancelled we were going on in a couple of weeks and one cancelled we were going on in December!
        What is a shame is that this is the first year we won't have a cruise since getting married in 2008 - we got the cruising bug on our honeymoon when we went to the Med with Ocean Village. But it took a pandemic to wreck our record! We already have two cruises booked for May and November next year, but the first of those could still be problematic if a vaccine doesn't materialise.


          Come Xmas day we will have had a full year gap, the March one got cancelled,

          We have had 2 gaps of a year before as nothing came up we fancied but we did get the itch to book something near the end of the year.

          We managed 6 trips in both 2018 and 2019 so not that bothered yet last 3 were
          Oct, NCL getaway Baltics
          Nov NCL Escape TA
          Dec.Marella Dream Israel

          Starting to get the urge to look at pricing again but while we are effectively banned from cruising can't be bothered.

          Friends are on MSC soon and we can't go with them, great deals with no solo sups so they have a YC suite and a spare YC inside for the extra snoring bed.

          While the rest of the world are still messing about, Germany(TUI) and Italy(MSC) are getting on with the job.


            Last cruise was on Celebrity ,September 2019 to Norway. Fingers crossed as booked on Iona August 2021 🤞🤞


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