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Are you missing cruising...or not?

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    If Seabourn were sailing I’d be there. In my position I would pay whatever they asked. I’d go anywhere ports or no ports.

    eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die


      I wouldn't say I miss cruising, but I definitely miss travelling. We usually take a whole family trip every other year about this time, and photo memories pop up each day reminding me that three years ago we were on safari in Tanzania and last year in Iceland.. Our grandchildren are growing up, the second one is off to university this year (if he doesn't have to stay home and do on line courses), so I don't know how long the ten of us will travel together. I don't consider that the grandparents are getting older, although of course we are.


        I had one of those photos pop up a couple of weeks ago reminding me we were on a family holiday in Disneyworld a year ago. Can't believe it was just a year ago. Not my favourite place for a holiday but lovely to be with family. Think those days may be over, getting travel insurance will be really difficult for we golden oldies with health problems and I don't think we'll waste it going to Disney.

        Disappointed we didn't get our fjords cruise in June, the disappointment was easier to live with than a dose of the lurgy! Haven't been on a cruise for three years when we went to OZ & New Zealand. Far too long so no more holidays over a couple of weeks.

        Think I might be getting used to being at home, it's much easier watching other people on telly doing the travelling. Maybe it's just getting older!

        For this afternoon the forecast is good so we're popping up to Northumberland for a couple of hours, haven't been for ages. It's usually not that crowded plus the car needs a run. It still has the petrol I bought in February! .
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          Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
          Hi Mike
          Got e mail from Celebrity re 5 day Flash Sale.
          No reduction in prices but now including x3 perks,,,,Paid Grats,Classic DP and $150 OBC.

          One thing I noticed is they now have a Better Price Guarantee,,,,,if price drops or perks are bettered you can adjust your booking to suit,up until 48 hrs before sailing......something the US customers have always had,,a first time for UK

          I have £300 FCC I may take a punt on a cruise in April,,it’s my wife’s big birthday....I can always cancel if restrictions stay the same.

          I received the email JC but completely missed that point about “better price guarantee”. I was stung in February’ on the New Orleans cruise by about £1000, albeit through sheer persistence, I received $700 in OBC, which eased the pain slightly. That’s good to know especially with the 3 perks offer. However, I noticed that pricing on European itineraries was quite high. I’ll need to take another look.





              Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post
              Oops, sorry, didn't see this - started a new thread.




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