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Has this ever happened to you

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    I look forward to when my bank (Monzo) supports paying in by cheque. It was on their feature roadmap but I think they realised that the average Monzo demographic very very rarely receives cheques and the engineering effort would be better used elsewhere.

    At least the current process only involves an envelope. Pop the cheque in and send it to Freepost Monzo!
    Duncan S

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      Originally posted by Garfield, Waterlooville View Post
      I send a cheque to all my nephews and nieces for their birthdays and see no reason to change.
      A bit more personal than transferring it direct to their accounts.

      I use good old fashioned cash and place inside birthday cards.

      For larger presents, e.g. a wedding present - same day bank transfer.



        Originally posted by dst87, Falkirk View Post
        ...though the refund by cheque sends shivers down my spine... what year is this?
        They say that the late Tommy Cooper was careful with his money. He paid for everything by cheque, even a cup of tea.

        His reasoning I that most people would keep them for his autograph and not cash them!
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          Originally posted by annie, Glasgow View Post

          I use good old fashioned cash and place inside birthday cards.

          For larger presents, e.g. a wedding present - same day bank transfer.

          That's Ok if you are handing them the card but I found money disappeared when posting them!
          Cheques are safer & more personal than bank transfers.


            Originally posted by mauden, billingham View Post
            Came back from a cruise on the QV on 6th January ,, got our final bill through the door on the last night and all was well .
            After a few days back home our credit card bill came and along with the money we had spent on the cruise was another bill for 562,96 US Dollars equal to £430 80 ,
            I phoned Cunard and the young lady I spoke to said she thought what had happened was that out account had not been closed down and we had someone else bill too .
            I left it with her to sort out but after a week I had heard nothing so I phoned again , I then spoke to someone different and pointed out to them that I wasn't talking about a tenner here and that £420 was a considerable amount of money , he agreed and said he would get on to it straight away which he did as the next morning I got an e mail asking me to provide proof of the amount on my credit card .
            This was done straight away and later that night we had a phone call asking if the money could be refunded in the form of a cheque . we agreed and a couple of days later we received the cheque ,
            The man I spoke to wasn't forthcoming as to how this had happened and I didn't ask him although with hindsight I wish I had ,
            I am very curious to know if this has happened to anyone else ,
            The same thing happened to me towards the end of December 2019, following a P&O cruise. The amount was only £4.36 but even so, I raised the matter with P&O immediately by email. Their reply said, "This looks as if it could be a turn around day error, therefore I have requested for the £4.36 to be refunded to you in which you should receive this within 7-10 days."

            I am so glad you wrote about your experience, because I had forgotten about my refund. It has not yet arrived, so I have sent a reminder today.


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