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celeb jungle in a castle!

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    [QUOTE=ev'n'clive, HENGOED;n1375677]So I was all agog last night waiting for celeb in a castle, to be fair only know about 5 people on there and two of those are ant and dec. .................................................. ............) some really good ones too.

    The one thing I do love is how they tell them just before bedtime who has got to do the next days trial!!!! Good way to guarantee a great nights sleep take care x hugs heather x x [/QUOTE]

    I gathered from a comment on last nights show that as they announce who is doing the trial live that they actually then follow it through and do the trial that same night. Which must mean they get to bed very late!!


      Love it! Yes Holly’s comment on her MBE was cringe worthy BUT she was probably nervous, trying to justify herself AND so she should be proud of it, bless her.

      The local tourism benefit to North Wales will be huge never mind the boost to the local economy, with all the jobs created.

      I also like the little injections of Welsh Language kiosk closed/ argoed shop/siop and Ant and Decs Noswaith Dda.

      Wouldn’t it be great if filmed in the U.K. yearly? Less cost, less carbon footprint and a staycation vibe.


        We are not watching this year. Not the same as being in the jungle with lots of natural creepy crawlies around and roughing it. The castle looks nice and clean and I don't think it is anything like the original, so turned over and cannot get interested in it.


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