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Never Cruised before and don't know what to do or what not to do

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    Never Cruised before and don't know what to do or what not to do

    Hi All

    I am booked on RC Anthem of the Sea out of Southampton for a short 8 day taster cruise in June 2020. I have absolutely no idea of what I need to do, where I need to go, what I need to pack, what drinks are included, where I can/can not eat (without paying a supplement), how I book onboard entertainment. I have managed to book shore excursions, , drinks package, dinner, and quayside parking. but actually getting scared that as I don't know much I will miss a lot of good stuff. I suppose I am looking for a 101 idiot guide of cruising with RC - written as if I was an idiot who had never cruised before... wait a minute, I haven't. I did try RC customer services in the UK but they assumed that i already knew so much that I got lost

    many thanks


    I’ll start it off. I’ve been on 15 RCI cruises and I’m quite sure many others on here have had their fair share of RCI too. However, I’ve only cruised out of Southampton once on Independence of the seas. The Southampton experts will be along shortly. 14 days was too long for us so you’ve probably picked the correct duration for your first cruise. Can you provide your actual itinerary / sailing so we can guide you further. Did you buy a drinks package or was one included ?. Recently, their cruises have not been loaded with the drinks package. Do you have any on board credit ?. Have you pre paid your gratuities ? Anthem is a lovely ship, huge but loads to do on board.. Breakfast, lunch in the ocean view cafe, dinner in the main dining room (all part of your package- no charge) Have you selected a sitting ? Early, late or my time dining ? You can download the Royal Caribbean app for various things, including check in but last year it was pretty useless for us. I know they’ve updated it a few times since then so perhaps the functionality has improved. I’ll try and prepare a couple of responses but in the meantime, a big welcome to the forum.


      Drinks package includes alcohol up to $13 per drink. That should cover most things on the drinks menu for you.


      Have a look at this link https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas/things-to-do



        Hi Simon
        Welcome to the forum.
        Who's in your party? Just adults or do you have kids.
        Are you on Facebook if so sign up to the Anthem of the Seas UK Facebook page. There’s a wealth of info on there and loads of photos, menus, drink prices etc.
        Another great source of info is Cruise Critic. It’s like this but based on US. You can search by cruise line and ship and will find lots of blogs and photos with handy hints.

        Weve been on 4 Royal Caribbean ships with our adult children and granddaughter. This year we are going on Anthem just the two of us. So it’ll be our first Royal experience without kids. We aren’t going until later in the season though.

        What type of cabin have you booked? If you look at cruise deck plans .com you can search for your cabin and see what’s next to it and above and below.


          Hi Simon, welcome.

          Such a great ship, with so much on it to do. I only did a short cruise on her, and things like one of the shows and some of the attractions had to be pre-booked, if you wanted to guarantee getting on them. Your personaliser will tell you which you need to book.

          Have a wonderful time, and do come back and let us know how you got on .................................................. ..Carol


            Get there early first day we aim for 11am

            drink, lunch(reading the daily program) explore for a couple of hours.

            Download and print off the deck plans for the public decks.
            Get magnetic pins and pin the plans on the wall to check before you leave the room.


              Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post
              Get there early first day we aim for 11am

              drink, lunch(reading the daily program) explore for a couple of hours.

              Download and print off the deck plans for the public decks.
              Get magnetic pins and pin the plans on the wall to check before you leave the room.
              Oh yes, the daily programme they leave in your cabin every evening. Read through it, and then you will know exactly what is going on and where. ...................................Carol


                You’ll get lost, it happens on the ship for many of us, especially on a mega ship. With Anthem it’ll be easy to become disoriented.

                Also look at the cruise review section of this site (link below) and search for Anthem reviews...... that should give you an idea of what others have experienced before you.



                  We went on our first cruise in 1996 on Majesty of the seas round the Caribbean from Miami after flying down from Orlando. We had no idea what to expect. We had basically packed for a normal holiday but with a couple of more dressy items.
                  There were no such things as far as we know as cruise forums, so it was trial and error.
                  Fortunately for us we met a great American couple on the first day who took us under their wings and showed us the basic ropes so to speak.
                  Made mistakes and continued to on many subsequent cruises. But absolutely loved each and every cruise.
                  You are very fortunate in having the knowledge of the many super people on this forum to guide you. Enjoy your planning and most of all enjoy your cruise, you never forget your first one.
                  P.S. Southamptons a doddle.


                  sigpic*Carol M*


                    The only cruise that fits(8n in June) is the 20th.

                    here is the CD link for the itinerary.
                    new style link
                    Saturday 20th Southampton - 16:30
                    Sunday 21st Cruising
                    Monday 22nd Lisbon, Portugal 15:00 00:00
                    Tuesday 23rd Lisbon, Portugal 00:00 17:00
                    Wednesday 24th Vigo, Spain 10:00 20:00
                    Thursday 25th La Coruna 08:00 17:00
                    Friday 26th Bilbao 09:00 18:00
                    Saturday 27th Cruising
                    Sunday 28th Southampton 05:30
                    Last edited by Topdeck, London; 7th February 2020, 07:02 AM.


                      That a decent itinerary. Love Lisbon and Vigo. I would consider this itinerary as I haven’t been to Bilbao or La Coruna


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