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    Originally posted by History Addict, Alfreton View Post
    Great picture, Delboy, showing what an absolute jumble the forum is. I still can't get my ahead around the layout whenever I visit despite walking around there several times and looking down on it from the main road and the Palatine Hill.
    For a second there Sue, I thought you referring to THIS forum.


      Originally posted by Smith7 View Post

      For a second there Sue, I thought you referring to THIS forum.
      No comment!!!!
      Cruising my way through life!



        I love Rome , lucky enough to visit, in the 80, and 90'sbefore the monster muncher ships, Airtours and Thompsons did cruises and we took the tours with the ship, I would go again if I had the chance.CG


          We have been 3 times now and loved it, but last year, when we were with our children and grandchildren, although I didn't notice any rubbish, the lucky lucky men were very much a nuisance and quite intimidating, especially on the steps down to the Colosseum..

          Rome is an amazing city, our grandchildren..(then 9 and 7..) loved the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain..
          The time we went before that was on our own, and we walked round the whole of the main attractions, it was really lovely and we will definitely go back again.


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