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Fake Reviews!

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    Originally posted by cruiser, Larne View Post
    When I am looking at a certain area to cruise and identified a ship I check out the reviews for the area to see how people coped when going ashore, e.g walking, shuttles, self or ship excursion etc. If a review is well written and it details ports it can be a great resource for information. I find it annoying when the rubbish is allowed to remain on the site but even more perplexing is the number of 'likes' some of these get! I no longer write reviews and haven't done for a couple of years. Just read the 'hope I win' states '28 out of 34 found this useful'! The mind boggles.

    The kicker about this eejit is the is the fact that they replied to my comment and referred to me as a lowly forum member. A-HEM! Lowly?

    Seriously, I too am amazed that 28 people found it useful. As you say, the mind boggles.

    Take care, Helen


      I admit to reading reviews, because i often find them funny. One of my all time favourites was when a reviewer complained that they did not enjoy a Transatlantic cruise because all the ports stops were at the end. It would have been better if the stops were spread out, instead of having six sea days together. I don't think I would post a review because of the nasty comments that are often posted.

      Regarding TripAdvisor reviews, like others I discount the best and worst. I am also sceptical about one post wonders with glowing or damning reviews.


        I do scan the reviews, largely for entertainment. Some used to be quite amusing, and not just because of pathetic whinges, but over the last couple of years standards have dropped through the floor. I rarely offer any comment now since even a thank you for a well written review seems to attract criticism from some of the trolls who visit this part of the site. I have posted one or two, but doubt I could match some of the ones I've seen on the forum, especially those with superb photos which make all the difference. I never take photos, and wouldn't have a clue how to post them if I did.


          Originally posted by Guy, Ormskirk View Post
          I rarely look either but just did to see what was happening. There is an even more stupid one with the same line repeated over and over again. Does they site just send a book to anyone submitting the required number of words because that sounds like a waste of money to me. Obviously no-one is monitoring the content or they wouldn't be published.

          The best reviews are right here from members who want to share their experiences with others who will benefit and really enjoy their journeys. There are some amazing bloggers on here and some wonderful photographers too so I will stick to the forum for useful information...Carol
          A very good point Carol. Maybe cruisedot should scrap the idea of a free cruising Guide book to those who write a review if they are not monitoring them.

          They could however send a book for a worthy review/blog posted on the forum. That way, the review will hopefully be read by admin. who could decide if it was in fact worthy.



            That is a great idea, there have been some amazing blogs on the forum site well deserving of recognition and far more use than some of the ones on the review site.

            Other cruise agents have options to leave reviews with no incentive but cruisers still contribute..Carol


              Sometimes I read reviews of cruises we've been on-the daftest was after a US ship, where the breakfast buffet was huge, and as well as everything you've ever seen for breakfast, there was fresh pizza, cupcakes and doughuts. A review by a US woman was just a list of complaints about the lack of breakfast food- there was nothing for her, so each day she was reduced to eating dry cereal.... :O


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