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A different view of the Splendida by Toshtosh's significant other

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    A different view of the Splendida by Toshtosh's significant other

    I want one of those! (see later)

    As my dearest and dearest personal head of housekeeping (affectionally known as ToshTosh to fellow bloggers) I must admit to be really enjoying the behind the scenes tour which we went on this morning and casting a professional eye on the proceedings.

    Starting off in the theatre, we had a quick nosy around the artists’ dressing room, saw a fantastic array of costumes and I was amazed at how everyone in the cast manages to keep everything so shipshape.
    The theatre holds 1604 people, and amazingly is one of the biggest theatres at sea, as the tendency and trend on newer ships tends to be towards more smaller theatres. One could defiantly swing a cat’s tail in here, here I go again with my second nautical phrase (not naughty phrase as my dearest and dearest mistakenly heard)!
    I decided that I would forgo the song and dance routine that the empty stage really needed, but was really impressed with the technology that MSC had installed, the ginormous LED backdrop on the stage was a fantastic bit of kit. Whilst on the stage I decided to take a piccy of the performers view of the theatre, there are many pictures on the web of the theatre but I thought you might like to see it through a new angle-imagine coming onto the stage and having all the seats full of people all maybe hoping you might lose you step when an extra bouncy wave happens.

    Joking apart I must admit this is a very rare occurrence on this class of MSC ship though-they are so smooth sometimes you forget you are at sea.

    The tour of the kitchens, and there were more just than one, was an eye-opener. A series of meticulous dedicated food storage areas individually housing an arrange of dry goods, tins, chilled dairy and a freezer room, each of which would happily swallow the average sized house-all this for one week- I never realised how much effort and care was put into food logistics. Didn’t see any ship’s biscuits through!
    Each type of food has its own prep area and my highlight was seeing the pastry chef creating chocolate dipped strawberries-which I just happened to be treated to yesterday by MSC-yummy!

    Now the laundry was the home to the bit of kit I want. It was a machine that took in the wet sheets, smoothly ironed and folded them into neatly folded squares ready for housekeeping to take away. Maybe someday a household version might happen and I’ll be first in the queue to buy one - I wonder if Dyson might enjoy taking up this concept idea. But most importantly when you see the number of towels being washed it made me think twice about maybe reducing the number of towels I get through during a cruise. I’m now of the belief that the staff in the laundry are the unsung heroes of the ship, they do a fab job in keeping a healthy ship environment and were very welcoming to us whilst intruding on their workspace. I wonder if any of them fancy a work secondment in Leeds!

    Now recovering with a chocolate ice cream and Strawberry Daiquari, courtesy of the present of an Allegrisimo drinks package.

    Alison B
    Last edited by toshtosh, Guiseley; 5th September 2016, 12:47 PM.

    Thanks for posting.

    Is this a busman's holiday??

    I am pleased you found it interesting, however tours of that ilk do not interest me. Reminds me of my student days working in hotels

    I think you have earned another Strawberry Daiquari or two



      Loved reading your blog,you have a great sense of humour.Totaly agree with your remarks on the unseen heroes.


        Sounds fascinating. We tend to forget about the army of workers who toil to keep us all happy.


          I loved seeing the laundry area on the Anthem of the Seas backstage tour. It was amazing, and I agree about those pressing machines. Amazing!

          Keep up the good work, and enjoy your last day/night on board


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