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50th on Azamara part 3

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  • Wilba
    started a topic 50th on Azamara part 3

    50th on Azamara part 3

    Day 6 Hvar Croatia
    Yet another charming little place, the ship pulling in yards from the centre. OK, there’s not a lot to see and do, the sort of place where an hours walk about, followed by an iced cold beer, then a stroll back to ship.
    For those more active and mobile than me, there was a very impressive fortress at the top of the hill overlooking the town, which entailed a very long zig zag walk.

    P1060113 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060115 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060117 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    Day 7 Sibenik Croatia
    Wow! Another stunning sail in through an arpeggio of islands, really close at times on either side of the ship, emphasising the difference in small ship cruising.

    P1060118 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060119 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060120 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    A short walk from the dock took us into the town centre, clearly a city of culture and heritage, but the amount of steps to climb were challenging at times, especially in the 80 deg heat.

    P1060134 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060135 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060138 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060140 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    IMG_6515 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    Day 8 Ravenna Italy
    Ravenna was the replacement for Venice, where we spent the day and night before end of cruise. This was the only port where a shuttle was needed for the 20 minute journey into town, which Azamara provided complimentary.
    Branded as the City of Mosaic, for me it didn’t fill my boots. A bit like Livorno on a wet Monday. Boring. A seat in the square for an overpriced beer and back on the next bus to the ship.
    It was certainly no substitution for Venice, and never will be with a four hour round trip journey there and back, should you wish to go there.

    Day 9 End of Cruise
    Azamara arranged complimentary transfer, either to Venice or Marco Polo Airport. We took the airport transfer as we had arranged an overnight stay at Venice Beach Resort, less than a mile from the airport. So glad we had not booked flights for same day as the weather was still glorious and we didn’t have to rush.

    P1060159 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    P1060158 by Wilba Cruise, on Flickr

    A relaxing day by the hotel pool followed by an excellent meal in a quality nearby Italian Restaurant for our 10am next day flight to BHX.

    I will follow this with a summary of the excellence, the really good and the not good at all’s……………Wilba

  • mauden, billingham
    Thank you so much for the review . we all enjoy them . looking forward to the next one ,

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  • All at sea, Yorks
    So envious Wilba, so many scenic places to visit, lovely blue skies…sounds perfect, so I hope there are not too many ‘not so goods’, Lol

    The weather here is a bit meh!

    Really enjoyed reading your account and seeing the lovely photos,

    Last edited by All at sea, Yorks; 25th May 2022, 01:42 PM. Reason: Missing word!

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  • Yogini, Waterlooville
    That certainly looks like my kind of itinerary!

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  • BandN, Markyate
    Thank you for the review and photos. Really made me want to revisit that area. Look forward to the summary.


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  • Gill Nickson, Albox
    Excellent photos - really 'took you there'.

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  • Sparkle, UK
    Great photos, makes me want to visit these ports some day. Thanks for sharing.

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  • tiggertom, Cumbernauld
    We visited Hvar on an Azamara cruise and liked it so much that we went back for a weeks holiday in a hotel on the island. So peaceful.

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  • Mason, Altrincham
    Thanks again Wilba. Your blogs are always worth reading. I remember when we sailed into Kotor we were informed that we were sailing through the most southerly fjord in Europe, which was very interesting. Maybe one day we’ll actually sail through the Northern fjords in Europe 😉.

    Take care. Helen🛳

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  • Garfield, Waterlooville
    Thanks for the time and effort putting this together as it's always a pleasure to read one of your cruise blogs.
    I'll await the verdict with bated breath..


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  • Smith7
    I loved reading your review and seeing the photos. Thanks for taking the time to share your celebratory cruise with us.

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  • carol, welwyn garden city
    Sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate your 50th anniversary, looking forward to reading the summary

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